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Two Fast Fords and one cool Guy!


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Just in case you can't tell from the picture on the left my wife and I drive truck for a living.

So we're on a load from California to Houston and we stop for the night at a truck stop in Ozona,Texas. Now if you're not from Texas, or maybe if you are you'll have to really look at your Rand McNally to find it. It's in between nowhere and lost on I 10 West of San Antonio.

So I get up in the morning and look out the windshield of our KW and there sits a bright yellow Ford GT and a Lightning Ford truck.

So I have to wander on over there there with my cup of fresh Java in my hand just to make sure it's not some sort of a mirage or one of those kit cars made up from a VW chassis.

A quick glance on my way by and sure enough it's a for real race motor staring back at me from the rear window of the GT. No mirage. So I wander in the garage just to see what's up. There sitting on a bar stool looking like like a character out of a Louis Lamour novel is a man who later introduced himself to me as Tom Mitchel.

We had a very nice , but too quick visit.


Don't know who Tom Mitchel is? Check this out. http://www.motorsport.com/news/article.asp?ID=52827&FS=NASCAR-TRUCK



Man sometimes I have just a too cool of a job!



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Wow David, you do have a great gig my friend! What are the chances of waking up to Tom's GT-40?


Very cool, and by the way, where are you? We are leaving Boulder on Monday, heading to Chicago by dinner. Next day, we'll land in Carlisle, PA. No clue where you are, but if you are anywhere along the 80, give me a call on the cell!


Take care David, and great story!:2thumbs:

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Thanks for the reply and nice comment. I was not sure if anybody would be interested in that or not.


Our trucking job can be kind-of cool and can do a lot of interesting things and meet a lot of people, just like when we had a load that went to Boulder and meet up with you.



Right now we're at home,we got in last night. MaryBeth is leaving Wednesday to meet up with her sister and a friend in Paducah, KY, they are going to a big quilting convention there.


My two brothers and I are loading up our quads and going to Arkansas. A friend of mine has a place there. http://www.atvtrailhouse.com/

I did the photography for his website and we're able to stay there for free.


Is there some big car show going on in Carlisle? We're not going back to work until about the 28th.


Be careful out on the road.



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