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Americana from Boston



Well yesterday was the big day. The UPS man finally delivered my Americana wax late in the afternoon after much anticipation. I opened that box like a little kid on Christmas morning. The first thing I checked out was the new white micro fiber towel. My first impression of the towel was that it was mint; long nap on one side and a tight nap on the other. Then it was on to the "main event"! I opened up the jar of wax, checked out the applicator, and then took a wiff. I wasn't too impressed by the smell and voiced some concern to my co-worker, fellow detail enthusiast, and overall post whore C6Bill. Bill was kind enough to share some early prototype paste wax with me and that smelled different.


I posted up something questioning the aroma too and not but 10 minutes later Steve from Adam's was on my cell. He wanted to make sure that there wasn't a "problem", from my point of view, with the wax. How many companies do you know that care that much about their products? These guys are almost as great as their products! I told him I'd check it out today and get back to him....so that's what I am doing here. Adam's 110% guarantee is safe yet again.


My original plan was to do a 3 stage polish on my car, throw down some MSW, wait a day, and then apply a layer of the Americana. I don't have time to do that today, and I couldn't wait to try the new wax, so I washed my wife's Subaru and laid down a thin layer of the Americana. At this time I have a 60 foot oak tree in the back yard exploding with pollen so the car needed a good washing.


Here's the lineup:



No, that's not cracked pepper on the roof, it's Oak pollen!



Here's what I wound up with after a good washing and a thin layer of Americana!












I was a bit skeptical about spending $70 on a tub of wax but I ordered it any way. The product is very impressive and I feel I got a good value for my hard earned $. The Subaru now has much more pop and a warmth that I don't think you can get with anything other than a good carnuba based paste wax. I'm not a big fan of the aroma of the wax but that is just a matter of personal opinion. It's not offensive or anything...I guess it's just not something I dig.


If you are on the fence about purchasing this wax I'd say hop right on it. The product works as advertised. The tub is much larger than I had expected and getting 40+ layers of wax out of this one tub seems certainly feasible to me. The new applicator is nice and convenient. I liked the fact that it has a handle like design. The new white micro fiber is very nice. It's pretty cool having a towel that has a different nap on either side. Very effective.


That's all from me. My kids are just about ready to head out to practice for their dance recital tomorrow. Time to kick the feet up, light a stogie, and have a beer or two. I am sure that it's noon time someplace. Enjoy the weekend folks and thanks for reading my post.

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I too had Steve on the phone shortly after posting about the scent, sounds like Mike and I are the only guys not too fond of the smell. I got a chance late last night to add a couple of layers using a modified iced distilled water application method. Now I have to explain my situation, I layered my APW over MSW which has 2 layers of Swissvax Concorso over that. I thought that shine was impressive, now with 2 layers of APW over that my car looks like liquid silver, it's just unreal. The APW outshines the Swissvax and the slippery wet look is just amazing. Props to Adam and the team for creating such an amazing wax for a great price.


Now I know what your all saying, where are the pics? I will have some up later as it was extremely late when i finished.

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Holy Cow Bill! The 4000th post! :party:


I couldn't leave well enough alone, so I had to hit the Maxima too with a nice wash and a quick coat of Americana.










I also did a test of a few different polish/pad combinations on my rear wing. I think I have a winner and now know what I need to do to the entire car. I am waiting for dusk because that's when I can usually see the light swirls best.:2thumbs:

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I would have believed you if you told me you bought a new Maxima and posted those pictures :jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop:






And you knew I would find a way to get a picture of my vette in my 4000th post :D:D:D:D

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Mine was at the hartford airport 24 hours ago and left on its journey down here...just need to make it through tomorrow nailbiting2.gif


the maxima looks great, mike





You will be chewing on your fingers by moring. Hope it get there on time dont need you to lose a hand or anything.

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