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Daddy Carrera and little guy


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I did not believe until I saw it. This guy called me and asked me to detail the exterior of his two Porches'. He told me just open the garage and back them out he would be home later in the day. This is what I found.





and after.....


that's the owner in their reflection. I used FMP then APW on both cars. The 89' Carrera is still the original single stage lacquer as far as he knows! The carnauba made this thing shine.



This is the reflection off the driver's side door!


And the big guy, a 2008 Carrera Twin Turbo With the full sport package!

I did get to drive this car it is insane fast.


again just FMP and APW is all it needed



and the final reflection


I eventually had to put them away.


The guy liked Adams so much he made the offer, if they ever needed a demo car for a local show we could use both cars. Thats if they are not sold. He has them both for sale, but you have to buy both cars together!

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Nic PIcs i gues you were suprised when you opened the garge door.

I was expecting the 89 to be in bad shape, I was wrong. The single stage black is awsome and shows Porsche's quality. To drive it however really works on your arms and shoulders. No power steering. The owner is really cool and loves to let people drive his cars.

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