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Gen2 Polish/Wax Pads and Absorber Backing Plate

Team Adam's




Gen2 Polish/Wax Pads and Absorber Backing Plate






The thing we love about technology: It never stops improving! Introducing our Second Genration Polishing System: Self centering 7.5 inch Durafoam Pads, made of the same premium foam our 2-sided pads are made.


The improvements:


1. Longer lasting pads

2. Longer lasting backing plate

3. 20% more surface area, 20% less time to polish a surface!

4. 3/4" soft backing plate to absorb uneven surfaces, and reduce vibration.


As always, we only change when something better comes along, and this system is much better! 110% Guaranteed to out-polish any buffing pad system on earth.


Our Second Generation Pad System Includes:


* 7 1/2 Inch Orange Swirl Killer Pad

* 7 1/2 Inch White Fine Polishing Pad

* 7 1/2 Inch Black Ultra-Fine Polishing and Waxing Pad

* Super-aborber, always-centered backing plate


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