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Need some input on this detail!!!



Ok guys I have been making some product orders from Canadian dealers and from right here at adams polishes. First of all I want to say thanks to Junkman for the great videos and Adam for the great products. I've detailed the inside of the car since I'm waiting on my order of pads and polishes. I basically will have everything I need once my orders are in. This is what I'm trying to fix first.





Ok here is a picture of passenger headlight. There are some scuff marks on them whats the best way to get that off?





Ok here are a set of scratches that I've noticed, but there are also swirls and some micro scratches. Here are some examples.







Ok these two scratches look the worst and hopefully buffing them will get them out, if not maybe wet sand? What do you guys think?






Thanks for the help in advance everyone.

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Ok well here are a few more closer pics, the weather wasn't helping. But I did manage to get one great shot, on the last picture you can see the swirls.











I didnt notice a lot of swirls on the car, the paint just needs a good clay job, s&h, fmp, msw.

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The last one shows it. Not too bad... It'll take some time though. In a way lighter colors are harder to correct IMO as they're harder to see the issues. lol


Pull out a halogen work lamp and hold it to the side and take a pic... BAM! That shows it all IMO.





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You definitely don't want to think about wet sanding. Crush that thought. It is not something to practice on THAT car. Find a hoopty to cut your teeth on first.


You need to shoot a picture with the flash going off in the paint so that we can see how bad the swirls are. I can't tell in the pics you have posted. I'll wait for more. Check out the example below and be sure and set your camera for macro mode. That allows you to get in closer than 12".



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