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  1. Hammer75

    First Time Adams User

    Welcome Adam!
  2. Hammer75

    Captain crunch

    I love Captain Crunch!
  3. Hammer75


    Welcome back!!
  4. Hammer75

    New but not New

    Welcome! There is a wealth of knowledge here
  5. Hammer75

    Hello from Northern Maryland

    Amazing car! Glad you picked some great products to use on it! Welcome
  6. Hammer75

    We need an AA (Adams Addiction) help group ?

    It’s crazy how fast it grabs ahold of you.
  7. Hammer75

    Texas Member Here

    Those rides are awesome!!
  8. Hammer75

    Hello, New to Detailing

    Welcome!! Glad to have you
  9. Hammer75

    ?Hello from San Francisco ! ?

  10. Hammer75

    Firearms Thread

    Just a few of my carry guns. Sig 320c, Glock 19, and Glock 43
  11. Hammer75

    Hello from Nebraska

    Welcome! Go Big Red!
  12. Anyone do detailing using Adam's polishes near Joplin, Mo? If so I would love to hear from you. Thanks.
  13. Hammer75

    New Guy

    I live in Salina, KS.
  14. Hammer75

    New Guy

    Thank you, it was a VERY hard choice between that and a G8. I love the G8's