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  1. Thanks man! I have all the details in my head, they normally come out right, this year shouldn't be any different.
  2. After taking off building anything for 2018, I decided to build a bagged 2019 Ram 1500 for this years SEMA Show. I ordered the truck to get the options I wanted/needed, but told the dealership NOT to touch the truck when it comes off of the transporter. I told them I did not want the dealer installed scratches option. Right before we ship it to Las Vegas at the end of the year, I plan to do a full polish job on it and make it as slick as possible. As you can see, I cant do a rendering and not include the Adams logo, its a must! If your interested in following this build, I am @burrellimages on all social media platforms, or you can follow the #crambury hashtag as well.
  3. Not for the bottles, but for more vehicles. Haha
  4. I finally had a chance to pull all my limited edition bottles off the garage wall and take some photos. It’s crazy to think that I never planned to go this far, but here we are. So many awesome people in the Adams community helped me find all of these. They make for some awesome garage artwork and are a big conversation piece for anyone that comes over.
  5. I do have a couple ladders. Haha i don’t use any of them. It’s just wall art.
  6. I am also having the same issue. It’s very annoying! It’s only my single and double soft. Nothing like getting all shined up at a show and realizing the car is covered in fuzz. I’ve got a fortune in these towels and also wash them separately and spray with the MF spray before hand. This makes me want to switch towels. Can anyone help?
  7. My current garage set up recently completed. I also run the @customgarageaddicts page on Instagram which should get you inspiration. I only post average joe garages, not the million dollar ones none of us will ever afford.
  8. There is also a mystery bottle that didn’t make the cut for the final design. I envy his guys collection.
  9. I have seven 4' LED lights from Lowes. I tied them all in together. I think its like a total of 22,500 lumen in my two car garage and its like daylight in there. Check out my @customgarageadditcts page on Instagram. I post a ton of "average joe" garages. I started it when I was remodeling my 22x19 garage and had to doa ton of research for it. Hope this helps.
  10. It’s color matched Rhino Lining. It’s also not rough. Regular microfibers to fine.
  11. Ive gone to and called a few Chevy dealerships and they all have the current (pink bottle). Surely someone has some around the garage somewhere.
  12. There are actually 3 detail sprays with the corvette on it. I have the first one but missing the other two. They have become hard to find.
  13. Yeah that won't help me though.
  14. Hey guys, I have beat about every bush I can find, looking for a couple bottles I’m missing. I am trying to find two different General Motors details spray bottles. One with the red corvette and one with the yellow corvette. I’m also looking for the white label throwback detail spray. Can anyone help me with this search? It’s literally the last 3 bottles I’m missing in my quest for a full detail spray collection. Just something I wanted to do to add some artwork to my garage per say.
  15. My garage gets pretty cold during the winter. Cold enough to freeze my water valve at least 3 times a winter. I keep all my Adams products in the garage and am curious if any of it will freeze, mess up or the cold cause it to not work right. Thanks guys.
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