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  1. Well, this is a bummer to have to say but I wont be able to make it. Have out of town guests coming. Have a great time all, and I expect to see tons of pics.
  2. That is going to be a different answer for almost any task. Each towel is designed to primarily be used around specific tasks/jobs.
  3. Id say you have a great collection going and should be able to easily keep that yota clean and shiny. Welcome to the forums.
  4. I would agree that cost effective would be H20 GG, if you were going to put out a bit more the spray ceramic might be a choice as well, thou no long term results are in as its a new product.
  5. Had that issue with my truck at one point, was some kind of road oil or something on the glass that just would NOT let go. #0000 steel wool and either detail spray or my go to, glass cleaner as a lubricant. Works every time for me when clay wont, then I glass seal it and good to go.
  6. I guess a side question is which towel are you referring to?
  7. Glad your enjoying the products, have and shiny pics of your ride?
  8. its a nice really fine polish that certainly leaves a great final result to add your protectant onto.
  9. im reviewing documentation and contracts for a potential solar project....gotta love books worth of technical specs.
  10. Welcome to the forums, and a great way to start off keeping your ride looking great.
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