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  1. Adam has really aged well since 2006. Guess the wife and kids are keeping him young or else he has found the fountain of youth in one of his bottles.
  2. Great transformation on your Car especially in the crappy weather. Is that the only transforming your car has done so far? Just curious if that was foreal. lol
  3. Is your pool going to be salt or fresh water? Our Friends in Saginaw, TX have a salt pool. Nice sketch.
  4. :help: I thought it was mandatory that all vendors take a Boxing Course. lol
  5. Well at least now I know it isn't me. Thanks.
  6. Mine too. Its one of the tunes I love to listen to while shifting into 6th gear. :D
  7. Oh man...I'm having a malfunction posting videos this morning. WTH?
  8. Wow! Wow! Wow!! :2thumbs: Very impressive Mook and congrats on the win. It was well deserved.
  9. :lol: Not being a big FORD (Flip Over Read Directions) fan this could actually help.:lol:
  10. Brian, didn't you know that I was married to Hugh Hefner back in the day? :lol:
  11. Here is my crazy pic. It is from the Annual Woodward Dream Cruise. You never know what you might see with a motor!
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