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  1. Definitely makes me lean more towards ceramic coating.
  2. Once ceramic coated, Can I use regular wheel cleaner? It says on the bottle that it is not recommended for raw aluminum but with a ceramic coating would it create a barrier between the actual aluminum and the wheel cleaner making it safe? I plan on just using eco APC 50:50 dilution for the my wheels but Im mainly curious what you think about using something stronger?
  3. Ive seen a few videos of companies doing ceramic coatings by air brush or paint guns. I thought that was pretty cool! A little too advanced for my skills but I definitely see the added benefits of airbrushing. I know airbrushing it not very difficult(I've airbrushed a few model cars) but is there anything else one should know about this process? Does it use more coating? Do you just spray on, let it sit, then buff away any residue?
  4. Just purchased some welds and I am wondering if ceramic wheels coating will be okay for raw aluminum wheels like welds? I originally just planned on using some PS since its cost effective compared to ceramic coating but now im thinking about taking things a step further. I imagine there will be lots of brake dusk and other crud from track use on them and would really like to them easier to clean. The thing I hate the most is how easy uncoated aluminum scratches. I want to keep these as shiny and scratch free as possible.
  5. Do you use both Revitalizer and free and clear detergent or just Adams Revitalizer?
  6. I currently use eco all purpose cleaner for my rubber mats. I don't have the TRC yet but good to know not to use it on rubber mats .
  7. I used odor neutralizer in a truck a I bought at an auction a few weeks ago that smelled like cigarettes. I used it as instructed for the HVAC system and it really took the smell away. now when I turn the air on I don't have to smell an ashtray. Next is the seats. Im going to try some upholstery and carpet cleaner and use some Odor neutralizer once they dry. Im confident this will do the job. If not then steam cleaning may be the way to go .
  8. Thanks for the input. Im definitely wanting to get a gas one so I am able to use the PW for other uses around the house. Ive seen a few youtube videos of people using one around 2800psi and they really seem to work great at this PSI. I will definitely consider the inline pressure gauge though.
  9. It is a little odd they don't have any empty 8oz bottle for sale. I would of actually bought 2. I ended up getting my self two small detail sprays just so I could use one for DS and another for something else like WW. 2 oz of glass and ID is enough for quick wipe down but I know ill use more than 2oz of DS and WW
  10. I bought a sample kit and thought to my self.... this would be a nice travel kit. Only thing is 2oz is probably not enough for some of the products in the sampler so I bought another one to have 4oz of each in my 4 bottle bag. Like many others, I also didn't like the way 4-16oz bottles fit in the 4 bottle bag. The bottles fit okay but theres really no room for towels and I like to have at least two of each. I think a 4oz kit would be a good emergency kit but it seems 8oz would be more practical and overall more appealing to more people.
  11. Never thought I would want a microfiber blanket but I actually mentioned to my girlfriend how awesome it would be if they made a blanket out these soft polishing towels (talking about Adams double soft) before even knowing these exist. Its on my wish list for my next order. Hopefully theyre still available.
  12. Its always good to play it safe especially after having to spend money for paint! Im wishing I would have gotten mine done sooner.
  13. Tony_G


    Cant wait to use my foam cannon. hopefully Ultra foam will be back in stock soon!
  14. I haven't used the paint sealant yet but plan to after a full paint correction. What is it that you dislike about the LPS? Whats a better option other than ceramic coating?
  15. I bought VRT for this exact reason. In the past ive hated having to go back and clean small spots of wax residue on plastic trim. After reading several testimonials im sure this will take care of that headache.
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