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  1. Anyone on here from Kentucky?

    did I win anything!??
  2. Anyone on here from Kentucky?

    . Yessir! Phil is an awesome guy. He tuned my car 11' LS3 heads/cam Camaro last year. Im hoping to make some changes and get back on the dyno this spring with some better results
  3. Anyone on here from Kentucky?

    Ashland, Kentucky.
  4. Pro-Line

    you received an email from adams regarding new products?
  5. Ultra Foam Shampoo

    I plan to get a foam cannon this spring!! ill definitely be pairing it with some ultra foam! im sure itll be back in stock before spring gets here
  6. With a doctor trying to pry a bottle of detail spray out of one hand and a double soft towel out of the other LOL "I believe he has Adamitis"
  7. yup!!!! lol my girlfriend was like " why do you need all of this" I told here she just doesn't understand.
  8. just when you thought their products were as good as they could get. Im getting addicted to this stuff
  9. wish I lived closer to be able to enjoy something like this
  10. I hate winter!! I need to move back to a place that only uses salt for taste...not melting snow while ruining everything it touches!!!
  11. but that 20% off sale does things to me that don't allow me to think about the cold weather the coming week hahaha . Everything came unfrozen. very very cold but not frozen. the detail spray in my previous order that was almost frozen solid I ended up thawing it in warm water (didn't know any better) figuring it would be okay to do that. This was after it had already thawed some at room temp. Seems okay right now, if not O well at least it was the DS which I have plenty of.
  12. in the past ive just thrown towels away after several uses. not adams!! I definitely want to keep these nice as long as possible. Just got some revitalizer in both 32oz and gallon sizes!
  13. great info! I have some doubles of some stuff and was little worried theyd expire before I was able to use them.
  14. also, they weren't frozen completely solid but frozen enough to cause it to leak as it thawed while sitting at the post office. so I actually don't really know how bad they got. im more worried about tomorrows arrival which has more liquids than my previous order. fingers crossed!
  15. I had some detail spray and interior detailer freeze on me en route to its new home! I just thawed them out and they seem to be okay but I haven't used them. should I be concerned? I also have an order coming tomorrow with lots of goodies and it hasn't been above freezing temps this entire week. I'm sure ill be receiving some ice sickles