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  1. I've been crazy busy with my Daughter, lol

    A few new things?

    Where are the Kwazar bottles made? I tried googling quick and didn't see anything.. I hope not China like the bazillion other manufacturers..
  3. Maybe they're swapping for that Rupert one?
  4. nice.. sucks about the knee.. any other views of that badboy?
  5. awesome! wheres the pics of the finished one you did before? How did I miss it?
  6. I sent another email today, finally got an answer.. here's the trail:
  7. So I posted on their Facebook page asking about this, and my comment was deleted and I have been blocked from commenting on their page. I then wrote an email and have yet to get a response.
  8. send the wheels this way, and I'll give you the Wife's stock 18s, lol


    I've found them in stores, but they're not American.. Example:
  10. MAYBEN


    some nice looking belts, but they're all the traditional style buckles.. I like the stationary pin the goes through and does not create a crease in the belt..
  11. MAYBEN


    OOOO it might! I'll take a look right now..
  12. MAYBEN


    I meant they don't have much for dress belts.. I was looking for a dress belt.. I've got a couple weddings to go to this year as well as Alexa's Christening this weekend, so I went to check out a new suit as I'm not that happy with the suits I have.. ended up having one made in MA with Italian fabric, custom made for me! The price wasn't bad, similar pricing to off the rack plus alterations.. It should be in just in time ~Thursday/Friday-ish
  13. MAYBEN


    nice belts.. not much for dress belts though...
  14. I like their style of belt buckle, not necessarily the ratchet style but that fact they're not the traditional buckle style.. I hate when the leather gets worn out quicker when using the same hole over and over.. I like when its just a 'pin' going through, similar to this:
  15. Not a happy camper right now.. Apparently they're hecho in china now.. This is BS!!!
  16. WOW CRAZY!!!! It will not be the same without you Dylan! You've helped me plenty of times.. Good luck with your new venture and I hope you keep in touch! Did you post in the name change thread yet to remove @Adams, lol? You'll still need your shine fix..
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