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  1. RenoRyan

    Hey from Atlanta Ga

  2. RenoRyan

    Best vacuum for interior?

    I’ve been using a cordless Dyson vacuum and it’s worked great! It has great suction and it’s easy to get into hard to reach areas.
  3. I have the same truck and the grille is a pain to clean, dry and get all of the water spots off of after you wash! I haven’t had an issue cleaning the grille with the wool wash mit though. But im sure soft bristled wheel brush would work too.
  4. RenoRyan

    Hello from Reno, Nevada!!!

    Hey guys, okay so I finally got to wash my truck today. I had to wash it, it was just too dirty and I had all these brand new Adams products, so I had to try this stuff out. So I washed my truck with the Adam’s foam cannon and Adam’s car shampoo. I first pressure washed my truck off and then I foam cannoned it. And then I did the two bucket method with the Adam’s wool car wash pad. Between the foam cannon and starting the wash the truck with the wash pad, it seemed that the suds were drying on the paint and were leaving dried sub marks all over the truck. After I used the wash pad, it wiped off most of the dried car shampoo suds but I still needed to follow up with some extra wiping down with detail spray and a premium microfiber towel after I dried the truck. Is it normal for the suds to dry and stick to the paint like they did on my truck? It was cold today too so I figured the water wouldn’t dry fast. Am I doing something wrong for this to happen? Did I leave the suds on the paint for too long? Did I use to much and too little shampoo? The truck is all clean and nice now but I felt like I didn’t do something right to have this problem occur. And FYI, we are on hard well water here, I don’t know if that makes a difference or not. Let me know. Thanks guys! And P.S. I used the leather conditioner on my seats today, and that stuff is my most favorite leather conditioner I have ever used. Just enough sheen, it smells great and super easy to apply. I hated the greasy, high sheen look that the Meguires conditioner left.
  5. RenoRyan

    Hello from Reno, Nevada!!!

    Thanks guys! Yes it’s a very nice truck and I want to make sure I take good care of it. Before I found the Adam’s brand, I only ever went through the drive through car wash to clean my truck. I bought the truck about four or so months ago, so it’s had around 10-12 drive through car washes, and since then I’ve noticed the negative effects from the wash. I don’t know if I should call them “scratches” or “swirl marks” but there are definite issues with the paint since I’ve taken through the wash. It’s all very minor but it’s there. I’m not sure if it’s the color of paint or what but it shows the defects in the paint when the truck is clean and in the sunlight. So my question is, which polish compound should I use first to correct my issue? I have both the correcting polish and the finishing polish. And yes first and foremost, I will be claying the paint before starting any of this. Please let me know what you guys think. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys! I’m brand new here and I’m brand new to the Adam’s Polishes brand. I found the company off of users on YouTube and from the Adam’s videos on YouTube. I tried out a couple of products initially and now I’m hooked on them. The quality of the product and ease of use is nothing like the other big brand companies that I’ve used before. I found myself purchasing almost every single liquid product that Adam’s sells. I got myself some mystery buckets a couple weeks ago too and I can see why those things are a hit! I have a new 2017 GMC Denali 1500 and I can’t wait to fully polish, wax and detail it. It’s killing me now that I have all the right products to detail my truck that the weather report for the next week calls for snow. I’ve never wished for clearer weather then ever before! I can’t wait to post a picture, when the weather clears, of a fully polished and detailed truck. The color of my Denali is so nice and I can’t wait to see what it looks like post detail. I’m sure I’m going to be asking a few questions about the proper steps in polishing, waxing and sealing the paint and windows on my truck. Anyways. Just introducing myself here and can’t wait to share my details posts with you guys. Thanks!