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  1. I have used all three waxes and I personally love the ceramic wax. I have a brand new GMC Sierra pickup with metallic blue paint and it is coated with ceramic wax, not ceramic coated and looks like a million bucks. Pair that with Cermaic Boost and you will have a couple of extremely shiny, protected rides!
  2. Hey guys! I have some duplicates of Adam’s products that I would like to trade. Everything in the pictures is up for trade. I also have a brand new Adam’s foam cannon still in the box available for trade. I have many extra bottles of all of the chemicals, so I can do a bulk chemical trade for multiple G&G’s, Buttery waxes, wheel cleaners or whatever you’re interested in. I am looking for Cermaic Boost 2.0 or 1.0, undercarriage spray, detail spray, eco all purpose cleaner, and polishing pads. Let me know if your interested in trading for anything.
  3. Washed and detailed our Polaris race UTV today after playing in the desert! Pictures are a little dark. It’s getting dark earlier now!
  4. I saw this same listing on eBay and was wondering about it too!
  5. I have a bunch of duplicate items that I am looking to trade. All are brand new and never been used or opened. I have: Ceramic Paste Wax Brand New Adam’s Swirl Killer Mini Brand New Foam Cannon Canada Detail Spray 4th of July Detail Spray and Shampoo St. Patrick’s Detail Spray Untamed Tire Shine Revive Hand Polish Black Trim Restorer Tire Brush Wheel Brush Microfiber Wheel Wash Mitt I have many more duplicates that I’ll be adding later. Looking for Adam’s branded accessories, detailing stool, ceramic boost, leather conditioner, polishing compounds, pads. Etc.
  6. I have had similar problems with their costumer service line recently. They have always been so responsive with emails, or they would always answer calls. Recently, I have had to get in touch with Adam’s via email and phone call. Both times I had to leave messages with no response back. I had an issue with a product leaking in my mystery bucket and tried calling three different times today with no answer. I tried calling one more time before they closed and finally somebody picked up. I have tried their live chat a few times with nobody ever there, besides maybe one time. I’m a longtime Adam’s customer and will continue to be but their customer service hasn’t been the same recently as they used to be.
  7. I have a brand new, never used Adam’s Swirl Killer Mini that I am looking to trade. I am looking for a new detailing stool, a Swirl Killer 15mm, or other Adam’s Branded accessories. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  8. Wow, great buckets for your first purchase! Congrats.
  9. I’ve been wanting to try RW. I need to try it now. Thanks!
  10. Welcome! Love the color on your Tacoma.
  11. +1 for using APC when cleaning applicators! Do it every time and it works perfect.
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