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  1. Hey Guys, I saw a lot of posts in the “hangar” thread about compromised cards and thought I’d start an individual thread for this topic. I too was a victim in December. I had a $68 purchase from “travel.online” and a cross border ATM fee. My card was old school and didn’t have a chip. I have since cancelled and gotten a new more secure card. But good to be on the lookout and hopefully Adams can look into to it.
  2. I’d like to make a recommendation. For the next Trunk Organizer. Can you get rid of the Velcro Lid opening in place for some of those Flat Magnets you see in some retail packaging. It shouldn’t cost much and would make repeated opening and closing of the Trunk Organizer 110% Better
  3. What I did was get a gallon of Distilled Water, and an empty 16oz bottle. The math works out to about 7.5oz of product needed, so I poured that much water out from the gallon. And replaced it with that much product directly into the gallon. Now you have 16:1 premixed in a gallon, ready to go
  4. Diluting Rinseless Wash 16:1 and using as a waterless wash is amazing. I truly believe this is the best kept secret of the Adams community. It’s pennies on the Dollar compared to Waterless Wash and produces better Shine. I would happily pay double the price if they would replace the bubblegum scent with the waterless blue raspberry though lol.
  5. Longer tubes are no issue, and definitely help get those last few drops of product. I am however frustrated with this batch of “lower quality” sprayers. Broke one just a few sprays into a bottle of rubber cleaner I called customer service to discuss them, and word is they thought they had a pallet of the good quality sprayers, then last minute they realized they were out, they had to purchase the lower quality sprayers to get by and orders moving. Good sprayers are on order and coming I even recommended a potential “Pro” sprayer that id pay a few extra bucks for, guaranteed to be amazing and permanent. Given that the sprayers are used in almost every chemical Customer service is amazing, we ended up chatting for half an hour. I’d reach out them in a heartbeat
  6. This podcast was awesome! Great insight into the company. Adam is so charasmatic, I’d probably listen to him read the phone book. Lol
  7. I have been dreaming of a Lithium Ion Battery rechargeable buffer. Anyway it could be done? Swap out battery, for long detail jobs
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