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  1. Thank you its not a clogged filter, the mechanism that opens and shuts has stopped working. I am going to try another brand, this thing is just out of warrenty and I used it probably 15-20 times and ran hot water through it every time so not happy about the quality of this product. Thank you
  2. I do run water through it after each use, and its the adams foam canon
  3. I have tried to soak it twice it won't unclogg, someone else posted to disassemble it, any idea how to pull that thing apart?
  4. I have a foam canon that is about 16 months old for some reason as soon as I started using the red mega foam my canon is clogged. I called tech support they suggested boiling water with vinegar and soaking it which I have done twice with no success. Any ideas? And is there another brand that will outlive this one? I think I paid 125 for this thing and used it maybe 24 times (ouch)!
  5. I bought the new red soap sorry I believe its the ultra foam and my foam canon seems to clog with it? Any suggestions? Foam canon is barely a year old. Thank you!~
  6. Thank you I will take a picture and post it!
  7. What model of the E-Go blower are you using?
  8. I have no idea what to use here I have an Acura RDX that has black trim underneath the door frames, I am assuming waxing it probably isn't a good idea but I am at a total loss what to use to protect it? Thank you in advance!!
  9. No I don't my problem is I only weigh 102 pounds lol and I can't seem to find one that is light enough! I know that is a good method as well and that is what my brother in law uses to blow most of the water off
  10. Oh and I use deionized spotless water for my finish I never physically dry it!
  11. lol I am definately OCD my brother in law thinks I am absolutely insane when it comes to washing my car and yes its gets sprayed twice before I actually wash it!! Thank you for all the feed back I appreciate it, my car has never been to a car wash nor will it
  12. I had a gallon of this and used a foam canon but honestly it seems to work better when I just apply it with a mitt, I spray a thick coat on my RDX and leave it sit for about 5 minutes but honestly the car is still filthy? Wondering if I am missing something? Or if there is a better option for the "soap". Also what is a good tire cleaner to enhance the rubber? Thank you, Cheryl
  13. Received my Sun Joe X3500 relatively easy to put together, lol my hubby says what in the world are you up too?? ha ha he has no idea the foam canon is yet to come! I need to call Sun Joe tech support tomorrow as the pressure would at time almost completely stop and them surge again?? My deionized water was an epic failure I think I washed the car too late 1 hr after finishing I finally dried it! Of course I bought the Microfiber bundle from Adams they sent the wrong drying towel (sigh) so ended up scrambling for towels to dry it (forgot I had bought a waffle weave)! On the Sun Joe where the hose attaches it LEAKS! going to try to buy a washer and see if that works, it is very sturdy although lol between that and the hose I was having a hard time getting around my RDX my driveway is very narrow, I will let you know what Sun Joe has to say!
  14. This might be a dumb question but can I use a collapsible hose with a pressure washer I have to go 75 ft from my deionized water and really trying to avoid dragging a heavy hose for the length!
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