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  1. Thanks everyone! I am in Jacksonville, Fl, GO JAGS! so far the products I have are: glaze, VRT, wheel cleaner, interior cleaner. Tire and rubber cleaner, ultra foam shampoo (premium foam gun) , spray wax, cars and coffee, pumpkin spice interior cleaner. I am looking at getting HGG or CB, LSP and the detail spray. Just having troubles deciding to go the HGG or the CB route. I think for ease of use, I should probalb stick with the HGG and LSP and use DS between using the HGG. I have a tire shine I like to use, this pic was only a day after I got the wheels installed so they look bare lol I did use the VRT on all my plastic/rubber trimming this weekend. Not the deep dark black shine I was looking for, but it does look really good!
  2. Thanks for the infor Chris and Ray. So many options, hard to choose which way to go. I thought I was pretty content with the LPS and HGG, but now I am second guessing it. I want to do the ceramic coating of my truck but I dont have a garage to keep it in for 24 hours to let it cure. So if I went with the ceramic boost, do I only use that and nothing else? Do I still put a layer of LSP every 6 months and follow up monthly with the CB? If I use CB on a monthly basis, can I still use the DS with my weekly washes? Can I use the DS to help dry and then follow it up with the CB? Since my truck is out in the weather 24/7 do I only need to be concerned with sealants and not wax it? Seems the CB can provide more than enough shine for me. My only concern with the CB is the application, some say its very streaky and hard to apply, others say its difficult, but not too bad. The other issue is keeping it off the windows. If I went with one and wanted to try the other, what is my process I have to go thru to make that happen? Strip and wash, clay, sealant, CB? or HGG? Curently I dont have either products, I was all set to buy the HGG yesterday, but after seeing this post, now I am thinking of the CB. I also have the adams Glaze that came with my mystery bucket, can I use this with either product, the CB or HGG? does the CG/HGG go on first then that glaze?
  3. I have a pressure washer but its gas and its loud, so I decided to go with the premium foam gun that uses a regular hose. Granted, you definitely dont get the blanket foam on the car as with the pressure washer, but it still provides a lot of foam and makes washing the car much easier! I am still debating about buying a cheap Ryobi electric pressure washer from Home Depot, I think they are like $60, but seeing that I just spent $100 on the foam gun, I am going to stick with it for a while. Washed my truck and wifes car this past weekend. Its fun to use and makes washing easier! I also am using the ultra foam shampoo, more foam, more fun! haha
  4. Checking in as a newbie! I recently bought a new truck and cant put it in the garage so now I have become a washing machine lol. I bought a mystery bucket from Adams to try it out and now I am hooked on the products. My only issue is there are so many products, its hard to know which to use and when and how much/often. I need to protect my truck from the harsh Florida sun since it will not be in the garage. Thanks for having me.
  5. Man, so many different products, its confusing to know when to use what products and what products to overlap with. Do I only need GG for sealant, does it do as good a job as the Liquid Paint Sealant? Should I do the LPS once or twice a year and then on other washes use the GG? Or do I not need the LPS and just use GG and does it provide the same protection as LPS? I also see you should only do the GG every 3 to 4 washes and then use the detail spray when not using GG? I am not used to using all these car products, but since I bought my truck and I cant keep it in the garage and I want to protect it as much as possible from the harsh Florida sun!
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