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  1. To be honest I am not sure what it is. I got them brand new they were in boxes so I am thinking its not dried blood? Maybe rust. I'll try the iron remover thanks!
  2. Can anyone help on best way to get rid of these black and redish color stains on the steel parts? Thanks!
  3. Hmm that may do the trick. Of course its one of the Adams products I don't currently own...and I own a bunch lol. I may buy some to try. Thanks!
  4. Sorry forgot to add the outside hex is rubber and inside handles are stainless steel.
  5. Morning folks! I bought a brand new set of dumbbells for my garage gym and wanted to clean off this slick oily residue from the rubber hex weight bar of them. Which product would be safe to use? Maybe even condition them after cleaning using VRT? Thanks!
  6. Hi Yo-Yo. I plan on holding onto the attachment but if anything changes I will let you know.
  7. Also I tested the two attachements...the long cone shaped verse the wider short attachement. The long cone shape is definitely my favorite...blows the air so much more powerfully. I'll probably never use the other attachement. I'm thinking the negative reviews on Amazon were using the short wide attachement which I noticed didn't really blow the air all too well but the long attachement was just crazy good. Also had my 5 year old stand in front of me. She has long hair and I tested it on her...she had a blast and I got to see how powerful this thing was. Lol
  8. Sure no prob. Here is the one I received. It stopped raining this morning so I tested it out on my truck. I must say this small thing is super powerful...I'm blown away (no pun intended lol). I was a little worried due to some of the Amazon reviews but not anymore after real world testing. Now I don't think I'll dry my whole Truck but wheels and crevices are a must do...heck maybe even windows etc. Best purchase I've made this year besides my 2019 Tahoe. 👍😊
  9. Yes on my Amazon order page it was black but I just got mine a few days ago and it is indeed white with the long cord so I am set. Unfortunately fedex didn't handle it well and the air nozzle part where air flows out from was a bit dented up but not too bad. Tested it out and the tiny blower is very powerful...was actually shocked how much so lol.
  10. I picked up some Wheel & Tire cleaner. On bottle it says not safe for polished aluminum. My Tahoe wheels are polished alloy. I am thinking I messed up on the purchase as someone said modern aluminum rims are alloy. 😔
  11. Thank you! I also received my master blaster...having a feeling I am going to love this thing! It came with 2 attachments...any idea as to which one is better to use?
  12. Morning folks. Still haven't got around to my full detail project of the Tahoe. But I am taking a vacation day off work in 2 weeks and plan to hit it then weather permitting. My question is are the polish/sealant products I bought safe to apply in cold weather? Here in Northern California maybe 50-60° during the day. Thanks!
  13. Scored the sidekick blaster on Amazon for $79.99 + 20% off coupon amazon had going with free shipping. Also a 6 pack of the grey borderless towel pack for $28.79 + 20% off coupon on amazon. Good times!
  14. Can you guys give a recommendation for the best Tire/wheel cleaner? I see a few different Adam's cleaner products confused as to which one to try. I will use the regular foam car shampoo but once in a while want to deep clean the tires. Thanks!
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