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  1. Can you guys give a recommendation for the best Tire/wheel cleaner? I see a few different Adam's cleaner products confused as to which one to try. I will use the regular foam car shampoo but once in a while want to deep clean the tires. Thanks!
  2. I tried to take a photo here of the dust/dirt build up. Wondering if this is too much for waterless wash to handle? You can see my sample test area from earlier on the left and dirt on right.
  3. Guys I am pretty darn worried about using this waterless wash to clean the vehicle and not scratching it! Any tips? How much WW solution do I need to spray onto the paint, I am thinking I need to really coat the paint so when I wipe it off it doesn't scratch? Also can I use 2 towels for the whole truck? I did a test and I can see a lot of dust/dirt on the towel and am like how am I NOT scratching the surface lol. In my mind I am like I NEED water and soap lol. Haven't used a product like this ever...so my mind is playing tricks on me.
  4. Going to buy that VERY soon! 👍 Side note: I have the waterless wash kit coming in today. My plan for maintenance is 1 week foam cannon wash and the following week do a waterless wash + DS and repeat....forever lol I am wondering if I can get away with just 2 waffle weave WS towels or do I need more for the Tahoe. 🤔
  5. Hi Nick thanks for reaching out! I have a 2019 myself, Pearl white color (forgot the real name). Beautiful Tahoes you have there. This one is my truck as we have a 2018 Honda Odyssey for the kid hauler and my wife has her Lexus as her DD to work. Once I get some time to clean out my garage my Tahoe will be going in the garage. Thanks for the wash tips appreciate it. You know this thing is so big I am darn near about to order the Adams side kick blaster to help dry the truck faster. I do have 2 of the ultra plush large drying towels that are probably the best drying towels I've used but I want help hitting the hidden areas as after I am done water still drips down in certain spots.
  6. Lol! Well just my luck I am here in northern California and we were hit with power outages and huge winds so now the truck is super dirty from this construction near my house! I will take pics for sure next go around. I also just realized I used H20 G&G on the headlights...did I mess up?
  7. Washed truck today and used the H20 G&G afterwards. Looks/feels amazing like a freshly waxed vehicle! This will hold it over until I can do the real job.
  8. Hey guys, do you think I need to apply wax after the LPS? My plan right now is still polish/LPS/H20 GG. Not sure if I even need the butter wax throw in after LPS? Thanks!
  9. Here it is just sitting awhile. I haven't sprayed yet but I did shake the heck out of it when taking out of box and it got super foamy. Seems ok?
  10. I have some shelves to store all these goodies on but do you store the towels/applicators inside baggies? I want to try to organize it so I know what applicators/towels I used for what hmmm
  11. Hey guys doing inventory and I noticed the color of my interior detailer is light blue but online looks to be more of a darker blue color. Also mine is very foamy but online seems to be more solid if that makes sense? Is this cause for concern? Thanks!
  12. Got my big Adam's order delivered, super excited fella's! I live in california so it was only 3 days delivery from Colorado not too bad. I can't do my Truck detail until a few weeks tho so I am wondering if maybe ok to do a wash then apply some H20 G&G on the paint until then? Or no point in the H20 g&g since it won't be clayed/polished/sealed yet? Thanks!
  13. I totally forgot to ask one question. So on Day 2 when I tackle the already clayed truck (Day 1), what is the best towel to use to spray and wipe off the detail spray that I will use to knock off any dust prior to beginning polish/sealant? I have a 50 pack of Kirkland MF towels which if these aren't good to have in general let me know I'll return to Costco lol. I also have 2 towels from my Adams detail spray collection kit I got. And I believe 2 gray towels from the H20 guard n gloss kit I purchased as well. I am thinking of buying the towel that comes with the waterless wash and it seems like a good one to use? Unless I can get away with using one of the towels I already have above? Thanks!
  14. Hmmmm wonder if the foam cannon can take some kids shampoo and I can create a mini foam party for them...seriously lol
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