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  1. Just wondering if anyone, or think it could be done, used a little amount of glass cleaner in their windshield washer to add a bit more cleaning power rather than regular water? Just seeing if anyone has done that or think that's a good idea? Let me know. Thank you,
  2. Thanks guys. I don't have quick sealant, but do have liquid paint sealant. I will apply a thin layer on the frames of the chairs. My chairs will sit outside all year long since the weather does permit me too.. mostly sunny year long.. with some occasion passing showers . My previous set i had to toss out after 5 years because rust started to form. So i was just wondering, being that these are now new, if any protection on it could make it last longer. I will give it a try. Mahalo, Ryan
  3. I'm wondering if applying some liquid paint sealant on outdoor patio chairs would protect and prevent rust on them? I just got a new set of chairs and wondering if applying it would make it last longer and protect it from the rain and sun? Thoughts about using it or should I not waste some liquid paint sealant on it? Mahalo, Ryan
  4. Thanks guys for all your inputs. I tried using the leather cleaner which did kinda of work, but noticed i had to keep it saturated so thus not a very economical solution. Just simple water and soap and scrub with a microfiber towel seem to do the trick. Then rinse it off with cold water. Air hang to dry. It's easier to do it while having your gloves on. Just saved 2 gloves that i was going to toss. Now I restored them back. Mahalo for all your inputs
  5. To the golfers out here, has anyone used the leather cleaner to clean their golf gloves? Wonder if that would be ideal to clean my glove with or would it damage the leather? Any tips appreciated, Ryan
  6. Yes. I have a filter set up to my outside hose that I use to wash my car. Not sure what my water is, but before the filter, I would notice water spots on my new black car that I purchased. Had to take it in to have it detailed since I had the coverage. But after that I decided to get a filter system and ever since (4 years ago) haven't had water spots problem. If you have access to it for free, by all means get/use it! It will save you from water spots.
  7. not always. If you want to keep that glaze look for a while, then yea Not always. If you want to keep the glaze look for a while, putting wax ontop of that will protect it longer. You can always reapply the BG if you think it needs more after a while. I just started to put the wax over the BG and do notice the glaze last longer than when i didn't do that ie. weeks rather than days. Putting on more wax will lead up to wax build up though.
  8. That is true.. how long to those who've done it waited? THanks for the feedbacks
  9. Forgive me if already been answered: Going to apply the Liquid Sealant today. A few questions: 1) When to wipe it down? Can I do my whole car with the machine and then wipe it down with the MF towel afterwards or is it best to apply it each panel at a time, then wipe? 2) Cure time. I know the bottles says wait 30 minutes for it to cure. I read that others have waited 24 hours for it to cure. I plan to BG and Americana wax it afterwards. How long should i let it cure before applying those products? Mahalo for answering these questions, Ryan
  10. Never tried using the wax to seal the glaze till I came across this forum... And wow! After a week of applying it on my black BMW, it's still shinny like new. Always did love glaze, but did notice it would fade after a few days. Great resources on these forums. Always learning something new to do with the wonderful Adam products Mahalo guys! Ryan
  11. Kevin, Where can i find this? Local auto store, convenience store?
  12. exactly. Been a customer for over a year now.. and still going strong. They have always been impressive. Keep up the good quality!
  13. I emailed customer support stating that after i dropped my APC bottle, there was a small crack at the bottom of the bottle which caused all my APC to leak out during the night. I emailed them to see if anything could be done and if any chance my local reseller could help. Next day, I got an email from the CEO, Adam, himself stating that if any questions/problems should arise with my local dealer, to give him (Adam) a call on his cell phone. I was like.. wow!! Kuddos to my local reseller, Alex, who just gave me a new full APC bottle at no charge after I told him i dropped it and the bottle cracked. Much mahalos to both Adam and Alex. Great products, awesome company, superb customer service Ryan
  14. Can someone clarify something? I understand their policy for "Made in USA" only, however, when they were selling the Flex, it was "Made in Germany". Now, i agree that German made products are of top quality.. aka BMWs , but right there, that went against their "Made in USA" policy. And now that it has been bought by a Chinese company.. now they stop selling it? BTW.. anyone selling a used Flex? I am very interested. Just a thought
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