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Iron Remover - OEM Lexus Runningboards (2016)



New to the forums,


Recently purchased Iron Remover, read the warning label about not using this product on polished aluminum.  Now I'm kinda worried about using it on my runningboards, as they are solid brushed aluminum.  Also, regarding plastic exterior trim pieces, how long would you let it sit before washing it off?


Any recommendations would be much appreciated, please. 

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Hi @aa146, and welcome to the forum! 

Our Iron Remover is a very strong chemical, so you do need to exercise caution when using it. I would recommend using it in the shade, and do not let it dry onto any surface. I try to avoid getting it on any exterior plastic trim pieces - it's mainly intended for removing iron contamination from painted surfaces. If the Iron Remover sits too long on some plastics, the plastic can discolor white almost like when getting wax residue onto plastic trim. You would then need to scrub it thoroughly with Tire & Rubber Cleaner to fix it. In other words, I try to wipe it off of plastics immediately with an old towel, while it is still working to dissolve iron particles on the paint. 

I don't see there being any issues on brushed aluminum. On raw polished mirror aluminum, it can leave a cloudy or hazy look, but brushed aluminum already has a slightly hazy look. I would recommend testing in a small area on the running board. If there are any problems on the running boards, Metal Polish #1 or Brilliant Glaze on the brushed aluminum should get it looking back to normal.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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