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  1. I was wondering if you perhaps could use the Interior Detailer for things such as dusting around your house? This product Is amazing!
  2. It’s before rinsing and the residue stays on after I try to rinse. I’m using a pressure washer. Ceramic coating for my protection.
  3. So I have used the Ultra Foam Shampoo and the Wash and Coat and they have both left behind residue. On both labels it specifically says it will leave no streaks or residue and that it’s safe to use on direct sunlight. Am I doing something wrong? I use it in the two bucket method and my foam cannon.
  4. So I bought the glass sealant a couple of months ago but I recently just ceramic coated my entire vehicle including all the glass with the spray coating. I was wondering if I could layer the sealant on top of the coating? Because I don’t want it to go to waste.
  5. I was wondering if I could use the H20 guard and gloss on my ceramic coated Camaro? Or would that haze up the coating?
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