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  1. Hello, I just got a pressure washer and an aftermarket pressure washer hose & gun. Everything connects fine. I understand it's recommended to purge the machine first, and I did. The issue is, after waiting 30 minutes, there still is no pressure coming from the gun. There's no leaks anywhere, no kinks on the hose, and everything is new so there's no blockage...I checked anyway. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, Can someone tell me specifically in clear detail the differences between a polishing pad, finishing pad and cutting pad? Furthermore, the differences from a microfiber pad to a foam pad, to other hex pads, CCS pads, etc. Thanks!
  3. Thanks everyone! Yeah it's a 2017 year, so I'm assuming it's stainless steel. I know it's not chrome, and there's no fancy tip on it that I added, or I'm assuming the dealership added. I started it when I was done, and seemed fine but didn't drive it far, just back into the garage.
  4. Hello again! Your friendly neighborhood semi-newbie to detailing. Today in celebration of the first day of spring, I did a full detail on my car. I cleaned the exhaust with APC and the wheel woolie as described in the YouTube video. I bought it from the dealership back in the fall and it's a new to me sedan. My issue is, I only saw some slight change and not at all like the drastic change in the video. Any tips on what might work? More importantly, as in the video, I did rinse off the exhaust tip. I didn't shove the hose into the pipe, but did run water two or three inches inside the pipe, and it was directly from the hose, not the pressure nozzle. The car was on a flat surface. The water barely ran out. It's not sitting in the pipe from what I can tell. After reading online I'm concerned it ran deeper into the exhaust and might damage the engine. I didn't drive the car after, and it'll sit overnight. Is that a real concern or am I just being paranoid lol. Thanks everyone
  5. Hi everyone! I am thinking of investing into a pressure washer. I do live in an apartment, but the nearest pay & spray is 30 minutes away, and not really feasible to go after hours. I was thinking of the Ryobi 1900 PSI RY1419MT unit. I already have the MTM Hydro pf22.2 foam cannon and the Adams foam cannon. 1. What specifically do I need to attach the foam cannon to the pressure washer? 2. Is the pressure washer gun and hose really a bad product - The gentleman from Obsessed Garage hated the stock gun and hose, but I don't want to shell out $300. 3. What specifically do I need to attach the pressure washer to a Mingle undercarriage sprayer. 4. Anyone currently living in an apartment, do you use a pressure washer or just always the pay & spray?5. Any other general information/tips/ideas would be helpful.Thanks!
  6. Hello Everyone, So I'm planning to buy some Iron/Fallout remover. I understand all the brands out there have a very strong smell. I live in an apartment - and store my stuff in a closet, and I'm concerned with the smell from the bottle once the seal is opened and I start using it. Any tips/ideas on how to stop the smell? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, I have the Mega foam shampoo and I wash my car at the local self service wash, with their pressure washer. My process is, I fill up my Adams 5 gallon bucket about 3/4ths at home with warm water, but add the soap at the wash, with a bit of added water from the pressure washer to suds it up. My issue is, halfway washing, there is usually not enough suds and I feel it's mostly just water. Any suggestions on how to get more suds? If a suggestion is less initial water, then any suggestions on how to not have the suds blow in my face at the wash? lol. Any other tips to make it easy at the self service wash would be helpful too. Thanks!
  8. Welcome! Awesome selection. I'd love to see photos of the Cadillac and the AstroVan if you'd like to share.
  9. It's a Subaru Legacy. I certainly pressure wash all the excess dirt off, use the two bucket method and do one panel at a time. I had used microfiber towels which never had this issue - although had it's own issues - but wanted to try the mitt. The soap is the Ultra Foam soap. I'll try again lol. What wash mitt do you use - and how's the WRX treating you? Love that car.
  10. Hey guys, Just used the grey microfiber wash mitt - NOT the white & black one - the one with more thicker fibers; https://adamspolishes.com/products/adams-grey-microfiber-wash-mitt Anywhoo, I used two 5 gallon buckets filled just halfway with the grit guards. The mitt really soaks up the water, to the point where halfway thru my wash, the buckets were almost empty. They are new buckets, no leaks and I was careful. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. I saw this and was so excited!!! I hope this won't be a limited availability. Funny cuz I had just asked one of Adam's associates about this lol. Does anyone know how it compares to the APC for floor mats? Any major difference?
  12. Thanks guys! I'll look into it. I appreciate all your responses.
  13. Thanks for your response Ray. Any thoughts on the brake question? Maybe I wasn't so clear on the trunk question lol. The weather stripping looks great. I inspected it closely today, and no issues. The water is not "inside" the part where the weather stripping protects. It's where the hinge of the trunk is, "outside" the weather stripping area. My concern is there's usually a lot lol.
  14. I have a sedan, in great condition. Since it's winter, I've been taking the car to my car wash in the DIY wand-wash bay. The pressure washer has a 15 degree angle with a wide fan and I hold it about 3 feet away. Question 1. Every time I use it, there's always soap and water inside the truck, kind of "behind" the rubber. It's not going inside the trunk, so my stuff is fine. It's clearly gone in the crack of the trunk lid, where the hinges are. Any idea how to prevent this, or what I should do? Question 2. I used the wand wash to clean inside the wheels. When I was done, there was almost like a "gurgling" or "buzzing" sound. After using the brakes locally around the area, it seemed fine. It is NOT squeaking lol. Any idea what this is? I've washed my tires and wheels before, but never using a pressure washer, inside the wheels. Thanks guys!
  15. Hello all! Just wanted to say hello. Crazy weather we've been having, if you're in the freezing cold or boiling hot lol. Just wanted to say hello. I've never detailed a car before, but I just bought my first car that isn't a salvaged title lol. Already cleaned and waxed it. Pretty excited to try more Adam's products and meet folks on here. Any suggestions are welcome.
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