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Just placed an order for the Perfect Interior



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When I 1st started with Adam's I got the sampler kit...


Was hooked on the leather and interior cleaner from that sample pack... the perfect interior kit was my 1st big buy then I went from there...

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I had little chocolate fingerprints on my gray headliner and the Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner took it right out!! :rockon: I think its a must if you have kids.



Chocolate fingerprints on the headliner??? I don't think I want to know :D


I agree the Leather & Interior cleaner is AWESOME!!!!

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Just got the kit, awaiting tomorrow to clean the interior.




Alright everyone, the chocolate fingerprints came from one of the kids that just so happened to be eating a candy bar in the backseat.

That is a BIG no no in my car. There is to be NO eating in my car. :willy::willy:


I was so mad when I found the dreaded fingerprint in my light gray headliner. :mad:


Adam's came to the rescue and you couldn't even tell it was ever there. :2thumbs:

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