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Fire Hose Adapter / Foam Gun

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Is Adam's selling these items? I'd like to purchase one. I know Adam's was having issues with finding a provider for the gun that manufactured it exclusively in the US. Have you found another vendor to supply the foam gun yet?

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Will do. Does this apply to both items?


From an older post

We're currently shopping for a better fire hose nozzle. I've played with a few really cool ones, but they are a tad on the spendy side. Hoping we can find that balance of quality, price, and made domestically.

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We have a nozzle in hand, some people have gotten to see it in person at the clinic. Made 100% here in the US of A... just working out final items and will announce it when its up for sale. Expect to see it before Christmas.



nice any word on the foam guns yets?

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