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Flex3401/PCXP and Adams Bag



For those of you wondering if the Flex DA's that Adams is now offering and the PCXP will fit the Adams detailing bag (or any other similar bag for that matter),I checked for you.


Here is a visual length comparison of the Flex3403(Rotary),PCXP,and the Flex3401(DA) that Adams now offers:


Here you can see how the Flex3401 fits.Notice that the flexable cord is being stressed.



Here is the Flex3403 rotary (Similar length as 3401) with the bag partially zipped:



You can see with either Flex the bag will zip and the Flex will fit BUT, it's not probably the best situation for repeated bag use/storage.


The PCXP is a different story as it's shorter and fit's in the bag just fine.






Where my Flex3401/3403 and PC sleep at night ;)


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doesnt the flax handle move up and down? maybe a dumb question but do you have it facing down when in the bag cause i see the way your comparing them its facing up. btw....holy hell at all the foam pads. looks like a **** rainbow of pads lol. can i have? :D


You have a good point on the handle,it is removable (pair allen head screws).It is still very close (snug fit) with the handle off.If you want to keep taking the handle off/on then you could probley get by doing it that way.

Thanks bagged00 for bringing this to the veiwers attention.I will go take a pick with it off,be right back!

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For those of you that want to know (including bagged00) about the Flex3401 fitting with the cover/handle off.


Here is the allen head cap screw's that hold the handle cover on:



Here is the cover off:



Finally in the Adams bag:



Like I said bagged00,it's still a tight fit.The cord is still slightly being stressed.

Me personally,I would find another bag if I had to use my Flex3401-3403 remotely.Other's may dis-agree and use this size bag.


These unit's (Flex's and PC) are my pride and joy's.:pc:

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Mine holds the Flex, all three pads, all three bottles, Double Plush, 16oz Detail Spray, and Clay Bar just fine. There's more room on top of the Flex if I would need to cram.


I keep my PC seperate.




That's a perfect bag for transporting your DA/Rotary and supplies.

Do you sell them by themselves?

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I don't sell them seperate, but they list at $60. You might be able to search online for em. I was only able to get 3 when I placed a volume order of Flexs this summer. I know they are rare! Make sure to call, even if they list them on the site, doesn't mean they have them in stock

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