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A true American Hero!


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Finally someone has been recognized for their bravery in the face of death. Someone us Soldiers can look to and at when we are in the belly of the beast. I read the stories, I see the tombstones but I can put a living face to the word Hero. I have shaken the hands of many Medal of Honor recipients but none coming out of the battles of my generation.


Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta and the men who do everything they could to save their comrades life day after day. There were too many times that I looked down the barrel of an enemy Soldiers weapon while I return fire not to wholeheartedly appreciate what goes on day in and day out in the war zone. Literally half of my time in the military was spent fighting wars. Wanting nothing but to come home alive... along with all of my comrades in arms... but I will serve until...


I am truly proud to be an American Soldier!



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Saw the 60 minutes piece the other night. Best part of all of it is they guys mentality of "just doing what every other guy in my unit would do".


Love it!! Thanks all you brave mofos out there putting it on the line for the rest of us. It's always appreciated.

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