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I knew better but, NOooooooooo



I used an old Craftsman backing plate instead of just adding it to my order last week with Adam.

Anyway, I was working on my sister's car, had one panal left and the bolt from the plate broke in my PC, I said OMG, what have I done.

So now I have to get it out and call Adam to order the right plate.


The orange pad and SHW is amazing by Adam's, I mean it works hands down from anything I've ever used over the last 30 years.

Adam's pads are firm which is needed and they clean up well, did my truck and the car, cleaned it, looks new.

I'll be ordering a lot of Adam's in the future, the stuff is just good. :rockon:


I was chewing my own butt up when the plate broke.


This ever happen to anyone else?

surely not !

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I had the shaft on my pc break while i was polishing a clients car last year. The backing plate went flying and the pc slipped out of my hands. Luckily I was able to deflect it before it dropped on the hood. Close call!!

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In most cases when you use them correctly you don't have issues as I did.

But in a way your right, never know what can go wrong.

I was very lucky the PC didn't hit the paint while running, I could have really did some damage.

My new Adam back plate/pad kit will reduce of this happening again.

As an engineer I sometimes think I can make do with what I have but sometimes I get carried away.

I hope this post helps others to not do what I did.

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