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Pen mark on Leather! Help...



Need some quick advice. I searched to no avail. Anyway...


I'm working at the NYCity Auto Show for Shelby American. And a bonehead in the crowd sat in the $91k 2012 Shelby Super Snake (800hp!)

with a black ballpoint pen in his back pocket. It left two 3 inch long lines in the grey leather seats.


I have leather cleaner and conditioner. Is there any advice you can give me before I tackle the job tomorrow?




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I never realized that a GT350 could be so wicked in the HP department!!!:burnout:


They even have additional cam and header packages to up it even higher. Not to mention increase the coolness of the sound.


nice results



I love Adams Polishes! Felt like I was working forensics. Had my vinyl gloves on. With my Adams towels and products lined around me.

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Great job Peter :2thumbs::2thumbs::2thumbs:



Love that color scheme :drool::drool::drool:




That Kona Blue was beautiful. Many comments from folks about the quality of Fords paint. I fell in love with the race red too. Here it is on a GT350, a 624 hp curve carven road machine.




Great job, Did you ever find the guy and remove all his front teeth??


Wouldn't that be nice, but no. Even worse later in the evening after I left on Monday, someone stole the signed Carroll Shelby plaque off the dashboard! Some people have no respect for others property. :mad: And it is a shame because many dealers didn't open there cars as a result. Folks were lucky to sit in the Shelby's.


I love it when a plan comes together


Nice car too. Thanks for posting your results









Peter, great save.


I thought Adam said that he was going to the NYC car show. You might see him in person.


I sure hope so. I'm going to start another thread on the topic... Stay tuned.

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Here's the results.


1) Tried I&LC. Didn't work...

2) Used q-tips to gently work out the pen marks. Changing q-tips often as the blue ink would contaminate the q-tip.

3) When done, applied Leather Conditioner liberally.




The IPA really softened the paint on the leather. I had to be EXTREMELY gentle with the q-tips. On one the cotton fell to the side and exposed the hard tip. That's what caused the slight damage to the paint on the bottom mark. Please note that the after pic is with macro on and a flash. The naked eye could not detect the difference in slight lightness in color and the damage.


Bottomline ...

Gary Patterson VP of Shelby American sat in the passenger seat while I did this. He mentioned that he loves Adams products and in fact knows Adam (And said to say hi!). Even posed for this pic!





The car...

The first prototype 2012 Shelby GT500 Super Snake (800hp) cost $91,000.


I was told by Gary that this car would either be retired to the Shelby Museum or would be auctioned off at Barrett Jackson.









Now the damage!

Before with flash..



Without flash...




After with flash (Without flash you couldn't see a thing.) The leather paint had a reflectiveness to it. The IPA removed some of the reflectiveness. That's why I think the flash pics look much worse then it actually appeared.



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Thanks! And we need to talk about getting Adams products at next years NYC Auto show. I've never seen such a car care circle jerk in my life! I'll start another post on this topic.


And don't forget a good piece of paper





Find the guy who did it and give him 50 or so paper cuts and apply the IPA directly to the paper cuts :loser::loser::loser:




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And yes in inconspicuous place first.


Most bucket seats have a map pocket on the rear section. Check and see if this is the case, and if so, do your testing on the inside of pocket


Find the guy who did it and give him 50 or so paper cuts and apply the IPA directly to the paper cuts :loser::loser::loser:


No doubt ^ what kinda knucklehead walks around with a ink pin in their back pocket anyway :jester:

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I know this is risky but IPA and a cotton ball. It has been recommended many times and it has worked many times. BUT I also remember someone once saying it didn't work well, possibly even discolored the leather. If you get to a last resort and have to try something it is worth a shot.



As always test in an inconspicuous area first :xfingers:

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