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Haze on bare metal.

NightMare Silverado


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Looks to be a brushed aluminum finish... if it hazed either the cleaner was used while the surface was hot or allowed to dry. Either way the fix is to polish.


With that kind of brushed appearance on it you'll need to work metal polish WITH the grain. If you work across the grain you'll make a bigger issue.

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Ya he had washed his bike with dish soap and passed the baggie test. We didn't gave time to really polish it so I wiped it down with WCW cleaned the grease off the metal and sprocket. Then I wiped it down with BW and sprayed all plastic with in&out. When I was done he said "dam now I don't even wanna ride it". He's teaching me to ride on dirtbikes because I really wand a nice 600-750 gsxr/cbr

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