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My Neighbor's Infiniti G35

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I finally talked my neighbor into letting me do an outside detail on her Infiniti. It's an '08 with 70k on it. She actually takes good care of it but not in an Adam's way. Sorry I don't have before pics.It being silver it's very hard to photograph the swirls. There were some scratches on the hood where she used something too abrasive to get bugs off. It was no match with a little SSR on an orange pad with the PC.


Here's what I did:

Tires and wheel with APC and GWC x2 (there was some nasty shiny stuff on the tires)

2 bucket w/grit guards and dawn to strip the old wax

Dried with GWDT and DS

Clay Bar

SHR on the hood, trunk, and top

SSR on some scratches on the hood

FMP entire car

MSW entire car

Let set over night



Polished exhaust tips with MP#1 and #2

SVRT on the tires

DS on the wheels


Now for the pics:

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Looking good! I guess she liked the results!


She loved it! Now her neighbor is jealous. He has a silver Chrysler 300. His quote was "Ain't nothin' on that car but a shine".

After doing this one I've already got 2 that say they want theirs done. :banana:


I guess I'm gonna be busy.

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Nice work indeed. On a different note, I might have to move where you live...my wife LOVES brick houses.


Come on down. There's a couple for sale in the neighborhood. I could use the help. I've got more potential details (a couple definite) lined up than I have time to do.

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