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Opinion on company van Lettering??


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Hey guys, after quite a few revisions with my wrap guy I have finalized on this. The greys will be darker and "Metallic" also, my mirrors will be painted lime green to help balence the back image with the front (it will also match the mini:D)


Can you tell me your honest opinion and what you think of my "list" on this side and if its self explanatory...I always forget not everyone is in my industry and alot of our "talk" doesnt make sense to potential customers, In other words im nerdy:lolsmack:


Thanks!!! i really appreciate it:cheers:


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The only thing I would change/move is the text on the front door. I would have it centered (left to right) on the door. And maybe put your phone number under it.


:iagree: needs a big phone number on the door :thumbsup:

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haha, thanks for the responses so far! it's much appreciated. I know about the centering/typo's, already called him on that. There is one huge reason I left my number of my site. Its because i want to drive traffic there rather then hanging up our phone lines with "WTF is home theater" im trying to utilize my site as a tool. My first truck had my number very prominently displayed and i never got any calls, my second truck just had my website and i had much better response from that then i did with my first truck. I dont know about you guys but if i see a van or billboard I go straight to the site and dont even pay attention to the phone number. I do have a vanity number (1-877-EZ4MYTV) maybe ill put it back on there but smaller.


I have two other designs, the one is a kiss design (Keep It simple Stupid:D) but its plain and boring and im afraid its going to blend in with the rest of the white vans on the road. The second is a soccer ball design but alot of people around here hate/despise soccer and I dont want to "alienate" them. I am also leaning more towards the floral design JUST because it catches more womens attention then a TV would. And in my industry the women do 98% of the choices as with alot of other things too.


So, am i happy im driving around with a flower on the side of my truck...i will when im rich:lolsmack: lol,no seriously i really like this design. Here are the other two design's.




and here are the my first work truck and then my second





(BTW: the bumper sticker was only on there for a few days so dont say thats why i didnt get any calls:lolsmack:)

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Yep, phone numbers on vehicles and tshirts are generally useless. People remember words(like a web address if it correlates to the business).

Have you considered adding a QR code somewhere as well? If you are aiming for Apple folks, then they would probably have a QR app on their iPhones.

You can put the QR code on the back or below the pic of the TV, maybe put "Scan here" or "Scan Me" below it?

Just a thought.


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I guess the stupid noob doesn't get his question answered.


Sorry, about to run out the door so ill be back to respond to the van. But Apple media integration is actually making the systems integrate into each other and have it controlled via your Apple product IE ipad,iphone or i touch.


With alot of the system's we do today everything gets tied in and controlled by a dedicated remote and then for secondary control or off site management is all done with the Apple product.


Bill nailed it, thats actually a picture of crestron's apple app. Crestron is a home automation company that really has the apple integration nailed down. Alot of other manufactures are integrating apple into there control systems for example RTI, Control 4, Bose, AMX, Samsung etc.....Probably the biggest and coolest app we do is Lutron's Radio Ra2 system. Where you can control your lighting and shading all from your Iphone/Android





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the biggest and coolest app we do is Lutron's Radio Ra2 system. Where you can control your lighting and shading all from your Iphone/Android


20 years from now kids will laugh at you like you're an idiot cause you used to have to get up and pull a string to lift your shades and flick a switch to turn the lights on :lolsmack::lolsmack::lolsmack:

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