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Dear Santa...


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Dear Santa, this year for Christmas (or other significant religious holiday of your choosing), I would like...


- More Butter Wax, I always use it up!

- More Detail Spray, goes good in a warm Holiday drink.

- Microfibers, I think my sons got them all.

- Machine Wax and pads to take my world to the next level.

- BSG and microfibre applicator for my step-son's hand made guitar; he loves polishing them.


Okay, someone cut and paste this and send it to my wife and I'm handled!


What Adam's products do you want from Santa?


Jim B:pc:

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The "worst" gift I ever got was a Margaritaville machine from my wife and kids for my B-Day. Once that was on site my wife and her friends started calling me "Cabanna Boy" and thinking that I was going to make them cocktails while they were sitting out by the pool. :help:


Turns out that I did.....just liked to bring up that she had self serving interests when making that purchase. The flip side of that coin works when making purchases from Adam's. I tell her that I wouldn't need so much stuff if I didn't have to take care of her rig too.


My "wish list" has been taken care of pretty much. She has no problem with me buying things for her and the kids to give me for X-mas.....just so long as the kids don't know I did it myself.


I think I am going to "need" some of those next gen pads though...

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Everyone needs to remind me not to get him mad at me :lol::lol::lol:


LOL, no worries......HOWEVER, the better half seemed like she was really interested in getting me this item for Christmas. I really hope she does, it is either that or a lift for my truck.....I think the lift can wait. :)

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