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Big shout out from famous potatoes!


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I want to give a big shout out to the junkman, I have watched your videos on YouTube for a long time now, and have learned a lot from you so thanks on that note!


Looking forward to learning more here on the Adams forums and would like to brag just a bit about a detailing job I just finished today. I tried the junkmans technique this time instead of my own and I do have to say I was pleasantly impressed with the job it did to a customers vehicle.


The car is a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria, only has 44,000 miles on it but its been through a rough 13 years. There was scratches everywhere on this car, the worst being the trunk and hood (notice the last picture there is a deep scratch below the window on the trunk, this was all the way to the metal). When I returned the car to the owner I had to ask when it was last cleaned, she said somewhere around 3 years ago, and she just simply hosed it off. So upon arrival of her car I could really tell she was impressed, for being 13 years old it looks like it just rolled off the assembly line! So again thanks to the junkman for his technique, this is my new go to technique for detailing! (I still have that dang song stuck in my head...1, 2, 3, 4....2, 2, 3, 4...lol

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Welcome Dan!


My wife's mom has one of those, and that is a loooooootttt of paint to polish!


Yeah it was! But the great thing about the crown vics, there simple, no crazy curves just nice clean lines, so it makes life a little easier. Whole compounding and polishing part took about 4 hours, quite a bit of paint haha.


Thanks for your post!

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Welcome to the forum Dan! :welcomebanner:


The proper technique works wonders. Couple that with a quality product and the results that you can achieve will definitely impress. That Crown Vic looks exceptional. You did an outstanding job. :thumbsup:


Yes it does! Thanks junkman, I appreciate it!

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