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Waterless Wash question



I just ordered a gallon and 16oz of WW, and I did watch Junkmans video on how to properly use the WW.


I know it defeats the purpose of not using water, but instead of using the leaf blower to remove most of the dust, how about just spraying the vehicle down with a strong stream of water, then using the WW as a drying/cleaning agent?


What are your thoughts? It would still be quicker then busting out two buckets, washmitt, and soap when the vehicle isn't necesarily dirty enough to require a full wash.

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Not a bad idea, although the water on the surface will dilute the WW thus making it less effective. At the same time though the water will have knocked a lot of the surface contaminants loose so you don't need as much protection.


Worth a try I guess.


I plan on using the flooding/pooling technique to rid most of the water, so that should help decrease dilution.


With the numerous coats of americana and BG, there shouldn't be much water left on the paint after flooding, lol...

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Yes I do it all the time, when I feel that I too dirty for just WCW and not dirty enough for a full two bucket wash. Blast all of the dust then spray down each panel with WCW (use a lot)as you dry with the Great White towel.:thumbsup:


Wait... HUH? You use it on yourself? :lol:


Try it and report back!



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