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Went for a drive today....


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Down 'ole Route 66 in Oklahoma. This is the real deal, or what's left of it.


View from the drivers seat.



One of the clearer parts of the road



An old DX gas station turned into a museum. Yeah, those tail lights were bright shiny and spotless when we left for the drive.

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That is the famous Route 66, I am a little disappointed.Is the whole road that narrow?

I believe it is. At least what's left of the original road. A lot of it not marked any more and is hard to find.


Going for a drive and picture taking sounds like a perfect idea!



Route 66 is on my bucket list. Great pics!

I've got books and maps that show and tell how to find the original route and sites to see. A lot of the road is still used today. Example 11th street through Tulsa is part of the original route 66. Between Tulsa and Oklahoma city, route 66 actually runs parallel to the original. At some places you can still see the original road broken up in places. It's actually become almost like a side road for residents who still live there.


I'd love to travel it out west, Arizona in particular. Once we stopped at the Cadillac Ranch and put our mark on the cars. Quite fun actually!!

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