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Hello everyone! I figured I would just post a little bit of everything in one thread. Pictures below! Comments/questions/opinions welcome! =]


Most recent order! Had a little extra money to spend from doing well in school. Haha yes, I am spoiled so even though I'm in college my grandma still gives me money for passing classes. It all arrived Friday, but too late for me to really do anything with it. I was still uber excited lol. :mail:DSCN7969.jpg


Close up:



Next is my full collection. I would have to say about 90%-95% is Adams products. I don't have a huge collection, but it gets the job done! :thumbsup:



Finally, pictures of my jeep! I got to use all the new stuff I recieved from my shipment. Did a full hand polish detail which included 2 bucket wash, clay bar, shr, revive, bg, and 2 coats of americana. I'm sure I am missing something but oh well. Obviously, it is not perfect as far as paint wise but I'm okay with that. There are crazy drivers and people at Old Dominion anyways so it wouldn't stay perfect for long. I love the results that I got and thanks for the help!







And that's all folks!

P.S. Sorry for the long read!

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Well, my grandpa died when I was three. I think if he was still alive I would be even more spoiled. :D Actually, have a tattoo of him on my arm.


The brass valve is from detailersdomain. Adams is on that website,too! Phil was having a great sale as well so I figured I would order a little from each! :banana: Had to save a little more cash and get the gilmour brass valve so I could order more Adams car cleaning stuff!

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