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  1. The Hand Polish used to be the Revive Polish. It works great filling in any imperfections and cleaning the paint. Good stuff. I used it constantly before I finally got up the nerve to try, and then switch to the Swirl Killer polishers.
  2. That sucks. But they'll ship you out another one asap. Give them a call.
  3. Welcome to the forum. There is actually a video on each product if you click on that particular product. Just remember that with any of the ceramics, you'll get the best results with proper prep first.
  4. Welcome to the forum Dan. Glad to have you join us. Ask away!
  5. Rich


    Welcome to the forum!
  6. Not necessary. I personally use the Brilliant Glaze on my glass, especially inside. Gets rid of that film that every car gets inside on their glass.
  7. Don't know which ceramic you went with, but the Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating is a bit more forgiving than the Graphene Ceramic Coating and the UV Ceramic Coating. Easier to use and learn with when you're just starting.
  8. Welcome to the forum Mike! Before you do a full ceramic coating, you want your paint to be the best you can get it. Not everyone (hardly anyone) gets it right the first try. Make sure you have really good lighting when polishing so you can see each area as you're doing it, and so you can see those smaller swirls and scratches. Usually, it takes me two days just for the spray ceramic coating till I have all the steps completed and the coating is set.
  9. Property brothers
  10. We aren't ignoring your question Tyler. We're looking into it so we can give you a solid answer. Hang in there.
  11. Call or Email. Phone: (866) 965-0400 Ext. 1 Email: Orders@AdamsPolishes.com
  12. Depends on what the spot is. If it's ink, you're going to have a tough time getting it out. I've had luck using hairspray on a rag getting some ink stains out. But to answer your question, I'd go with the gel, let it sit for a bit, then rub good with a clean micro cloth, and once it's out, apply the leather conditioner.
  13. That's the ONLY thing I've ever used on any of my Vettes. When I traded my 02 in for my 13, the interior looked as good as the day I bought it (well, darn near). And make sure you do the dash too because there's a high SPF number in it for protection from the sun. When I store her for the winter, I use my hands, and apply it pretty good and rub it in hard before I cover her up for the next 5 months. I don't know that I've ever had to use the Leather Cleaner. But if you find you do need it, be sure to put a good coat of conditioner on them afterwards.
  14. Rich

    Graphene Spray

    Try the Graphene Ceramic Spray. Or even just start maintaining your wax with CS3 or Graphene Detail Spray. That might be all you'll need to get the shine you're looking for, but no matter what you do, you won't get the best results without proper prep.
  15. Oh, man, that's gorgeous!! I've been looking at the convertibles, but am trying to hold out for a Z if they ever come out. You made a great bunch of selections there.
  16. I have vinyl stripes on my Vette too. I've used a clay bar LIGHTLY on them, and I use the Graphene Ceramic Spray on my whole car. Great stuff and really makes that fiberglass pop! Congrats on the new ride!
  17. Rich

    Graphene Spray

    It's great stuff. Came out of the store tonight and apparently it had rained while I was inside. The whole car looked like bubble wrap it was so beaded. Love the Graphene line.
  18. Rich

    Joe Sr

    Welcome to the forum from Johnstown, Joe!
  19. Some tire companies DO have a coating applied to their rubber. Looks like it's just your luck to have found two sets! But the problem with Continental DWS tires has been going on for years. Are yours showing up white sometimes? I've heard using a strong degreaser like Purple Power helps. You can get it at WalMart. Yeah, I know I'm probably breaking the rules even mentioning the name, but it's industrial strength, and I don't think Adam's makes anything quite that strong. Get some, give your tires a good coating and let it sit for 15 minutes or so, then scrub. Wouldn't hurt to do it twice, and then try dressing the tires with the Tire Armor and see if there's any difference. Good luck.
  20. I'd toss it because whatever you clean it with will contaminate it as well.
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