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  1. I actually use it both ways. As a drying aid and when it's dry. I do like Trap and use my Master Blaster first. Then wipe everything down with the GDS. Fantastic results on black.
  2. You can use any kind of towel that works for you. I'm not a fan of the green ones either.
  3. Welcome to the forum! I'm an "older" guy too (75), and just spent the day detailing my Equinox (black) before winter starts. I get real good results with the Spray Graphene Coating, but I also take the time to follow all the steps and do it right (wash, clay, polish, prep, coat). I'll have to get some pics tomorrow. Looks pretty darn good. But the spray coating is a lot more forgiving and easier to apply than the regular graphene products. Lasts about a year with proper maintenance. Nice looking truck youngster!!
  4. Black Equinox and a Vette, and since I have zero experience in going as far as a full Graphene coating and didn't want to screw it up, I went with the Spray Graphene Coating and been very pleased. Holds up real well, a lot better than I expected. And I figure about the time it needs done again, something else new will pop up that's even better than a 3 year or 7 year graphene coating, and I won't be "stuck".
  5. About the most I'd recommend would be to use a good brush on it. You don't want to get it wet. If you have spots or dirty areas, spray the cleaner lightly onto a micro cloth and wipe, then brush again after it's dry.
  6. I just realized today that I haven't washed the Equinox since July!! And it still looks great! A little dusty, some brake dust, but since ceramic coating it, it seems like everything just runs or blows off. Guess I better not wait much longer to get it ready for winter and cold weather.
  7. No, YOU'RE awesome! Thanks for sticking it out and being such a great asset to this forum Chris! All your work and help is appreciated for sure.
  8. Looks great! Is that a working truck, or is it one of your personal collection? What year?
  9. It was just too f'n hot! We were both done by 4 and just wanted our hotel room, and a cool shower.
  10. I did that once in my black Vette. I used Detail Spray and Clay bar and got it all off. That was within a day of it happening so it didn't sit on there too long. A plastic razor helps for the really tough spots too. Good luck, and make sure once he gets it all off, that he reapplies whatever polish, wax, or ceramic he had on before.
  11. Welcome Gian. You living in Texas now?
  12. Adam is absolutely still part of the company and it is still Adam's Polishes. Just with a few "tweeks".
  13. Wondering if there was some kind of chemical reaction between the Sonax and Adam's products.
  14. Welcome Paula. Here's a tip. To really make it POP, get some Graphene Detail Spray or Graphene CS3 to finish off your ride after your wash . You'll be amazed at how deep, wet, and shiny it makes your car. It can be used as a drying aid as well.
  15. And keep in mind that this process is not a QUICK process. You need a few days dedicated to it, especially since you're new to it. One day and done doesn't cut it. But you also didn't post a thing after your original post, nor did you post any pictures, so I'm beginning to think you're just here to try and stir things up.
  16. Correct prep is 3/4 of the job if you want it done right and to get the best results.
  17. You didn't get "taken". You just thought that it looked easy and jumped in with both feet without testing the water first. I've been detailing for many years and still haven't gone past the spray Graphene coating. It takes practice and experience. But you definitely didn't get "taken".
  18. Got my room reserved for next year already!
  19. Stimulus check (send me another one!!)
  20. I'll get my pics up tomorrow . It was great to see you and Fran again Bob. We left around 2:30 today, just couldn't take the heat any more. Hit major thunderstorms on the turnpike which is never fun in a Vette with semis all around. They stopped once we got off the turnpike, no rain till right before we entered our hometown. Then the clouds released one hell of a storm. Drove home through downed tree branches and flooded roads. Wipers were going as fast as they could, but it wasn't helping. We all had our four ways on just to be seen. We did make it home by 5, and it stopped raining finally. And Scott.............where were ya buddy?
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