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06 Mercedes

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I thought I was finally getting a break from the big trucks. I did but this thing was a beast. So many areas that either had to be done by hand or the 4" pads. It took just as long on this as it took me on the 04 Ram last week.



Tires & Wheels (wait for thunderstorm to blow over)

2 Bucket

Dried with DS

IPA wipedown


SHR w/Flex (with one of the pea size drops being SSR)






I also did the interior but as usual I never get good pics of the interior.

I've got to learn how to use this D5000.:willy:


When the owner arrived I was just finishing up in the garage and the first thing he said was "WOW! Now that's a reflection."


Then I pulled it outside and he was even more amazed.

Enough rambling. Now on to what everyone wants anyway.


Warning: Some pics may be offensive to some viewers.


PICS Before

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Looks awesome. I always love when the results go beyond what the owner was expecting.


One question...whats IPA?


He was very surprised. He bought it used about 2 months ago. He said he couldn't afford a new one but the results from the Adam's treatment put it as close to new as you could get.


IPA=water and Alcohol mixture


I just started using this Saturday. I think it does a much better job than the dawn wash.

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Excellent turnaround Len!


Didn't see anything offensive (no RTR banners or anything:D), but those were some nasty swirls.


Actually you can see the tag on the front of my truck in the last pics.:lolsmack:


Aye, nice job Len! :2thumbs:


So, the car was washed with a Brillo pad before?


It was a company car so I'm thinking drive thru.

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