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2005 Pontiac GTO - PBM - 1 of 136


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Unfortunately, the time has come. I can no longer keep up with this vehicle and I value making my other bills and home over the car. :\ It sucks because this thing is very important to me and I've had it for 4 years. I've driven it EVERY SINGLE DAY and it's tough as **** for me to let this go. If I had a better job, I'd keep it, but I guess that is life. :(


Anyways.... :\


Please see attached.


Plenty of pics:

Detail Fall 2010 pictures by wangsta_thug - Photobucket

Detail Sept 2009 pictures by wangsta_thug - Photobucket

First PC Detail pictures by wangsta_thug - Photobucket

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GLWS ...i had a viper i had to part with due to some unfortunate circumstances that then got even worse...


but you will get another car you will love more eventually..


my buddy had to sell his 06 goat it had like 8-9k in work in it ...


5k in suspension then full long tubes, intake, corsa exhaust, dyno tuned, short throw etc;

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