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FINALLY - My New Rims + Tires



The powder coater finally finished clear coating them last week, and I had the setup installed on Monday.


Mickey Thompson - 17x9

ProComp Extreme A/T - 285/70R17


This weekend I'm adding Adam's Machine Sealant, Brilliant Glaze and Americana Wax to add extra layers of protection and shine to the rims.


Unfortunately the installer scratched the inside hub and removed a thin strip of clear coat completely down to the raw metal. I'm going to call the powder coater today to see if they need to be recoated or I can apply a painted clear coat to seal up that small area.


Also, Mickey Thompson ships CHROME center caps with Polished Rims - WTF???? They CLEARLY look different so now I need to order a seperate set of polished caps (which they make) and have them coated so it all looks the same and withstands the elements. The stupidity of some companies is f*ing mind blowing.


A few low quality photos - i'll take better this wkd!!





Also, does anyone here have any thoughts for sealing up that small portion of the rim that does not have clear coat??

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You CAN use regular clear... They can powder coat over powder coat too. Problem is, it may get really thick.


I'd just get a small touchup bottle of clear from the AP store.

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Any idea if the "paint" on clear will degrade the powdered clear?


I'm trying at all costs to not have this rim re-powdered. It would be a huge time sink to have the tire unmounted and drop the setup off at his shop. Only to pick it back up and drive to another shop that can remount the tire on the rim.


Also, my spare is a bit smaller then these larger wheels....is it safe to drive with three wheels that are 285/70R17 and one stock wheel? (technically cars drive on dinky little donuts for a short time, can I??)

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if its the inside hub, i wouldn't worry about it too much. isn't that the part that touches the brake rotors anyway?


now if it was the face of the wheel, i would make the installer pay to have it re-coated!!!


Looking at it from the street, you wouldn't notice it b/c the cap that slides through the hub, covers most of it...plus it's a clear powder, so it's almost impossible to see it unless you are laying down and staring at the rim.


My guess is that when the installed slid the rim on the balancing machine, the shaft of the machine the rims sits on sliced into the edge of the hub.


My main concern is that once the elements reach the unprotected part, it will start to rust. Part of the scratch is on the face (a few millimeters wide, so you would see a small amount of rust.


I'm also terrified of clear paint potentially damaging the clear powder, which would make the situation worse. But if one does not react with the other, I'd rather do that then go through the whole powder process again.

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If water gets in there it'll cause oxidizing under the clear.


You hit the nail on the head, that's what worries me the most..i'm going to start the process Fri morning to reduce the metal's exposure to moisture. Of course it just had to rain the last two days and this car sits outside.

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