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Help with game plan



So I waxed my car with MSS, BG, and Americana a few months back and it appears that in certain areas it has lost the beading. So now I'm thinking of my plan of attack to wash and wax this car over this week.


Today after work:


Clean Engine Compartment and Dress




Next day:

WCW wipe down

SVRT all trim pieces


Any advice? Am I doing anything redundant? I'd like to lay down some more protection ASAP. :help:

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Well this car sits out in the HOT Texas sun all day at work and I don't see water beading in certain areas anymore when I wash it. The whole hood part of the roof and the tops of the Rear Fenders. Like it just pools up really bad.


Last time was the first time I attempted polishing ever so I went at a couple areas with the PC. Never went over the whole car though (ran out of detail spray, only had 1 16oz bottle and after claying that was half gone :lol:)

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