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Yes, clay will remove everything. As for clay residue you can use detail spray, are you by chance claying in the sun? You should have little to no residue left from the clay. When you clay in the sun or don't use enough detail spray is when the clay leaves marks behind.

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Often when I am claying, I wipe the finish off with a MF towel to check my work with the baggie test.


Keep the paint wet with detail spray when you are claying a particular area, as it lubricates the surface just enough and keeps the clay from sticking to the paint or leaving residue behind. Claying uses up a good bit of DS. My first attempt at claying took more than 1 16oz bottle of detail spray.


Make sure to flatten the clay out on your glass to get a really smooth surface, so the clay floats a bit better over the paint. You are 'wiping' the paint, not bearing down and grinding the clay into the paint. Watch Adam clay in the videos -

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