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Door actuator


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The rear driver side door's lock actuator in my 08 Avalanche crapped out on me. I've already had it replaced once! I have 1500 more miles under my warranty so I can get it replaced again under warranty, but geez! Even a replaced one died again?!


NOT happy with the quality of Chevy right now :mad:

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thats regular for gm lately they are using cheesy locks we have replaced two in the wifes car and now the third one doesnt work. The deputy chiefs car a tahoe same thing replaced at least once I would refuse to pay for replacement because of the amount of times they break.

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Sorry to hear your troubles, I would look in the back of your Owner's Manual and get the number for Customer Assistance (Brand Specific) and give them a call to let them know your aware of just how common this is...


Being a Service Manager at a GM Store I can tell you we do plenty within a 5 day work week, let alone a month....Always have since the 2007 Body Change happened......


Best of luck to you


PS....Small side note, IDK how skilled you are generally but an actuator is not hard to change at all to avoid the labor if you can't get any assistance.

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You would think that a big brand name like that, and for how much they price their vehicles, if it's a reoccurring problem they would find a better replacement and make sure it doesn't happen again. Not just replace a crappy part with the same crappy part to die out again.


I'm wondering if it might be something else that's causing that actuator to go out since it's the same door that it happened in?


I probably could change the actuator myself, there are some Youtube videos to assist but the problem is how it keeps happening over and over again, not just to me but so many others. A problem of this scale should be fixed, not replaced.


Thanks for the advice though MxRacer, I'll look into giving them a call tomorrow.

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Ford in the UK are the same. on the ford mondeo the egr valve would go after 40000 miles and because that would be after 3 years in the UK for most people they would have to pay out of there own pocket. now ford new this was a problem and still wouldnt replace it free.

the egr was around $400 + labor from ford but my service manager got so fed up replacing them for people he would send you to a local garage where the guy would fit one from Jaguar that used the same part for $200 total.

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