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a little farfetched perhaps something can be done



This may be a little out there but worth a shot, my buddy has an 88 supercharged 5.0 that he wants me to detail. really sweet car buts down 653hp at the wheels. anyway the car has never been garaged and it has a spot the size of a half dollar where paint has come up and it's down to primer. he doesnt have the money right now for a full respray and wanted to just spray the roof. Any advice on taking down this bubble to prep for paint? sanding? any advice would be great, Thanks guys


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honestly if you've never sanded and painted before, i would take it to a body shop. to just do the roof, it MIGHT cost $300 or less. if he has that much power under the hood, i'm sure he can pinch out a couple hundred to paint his roof flat black or something like that!

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