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95 Stang 5.0 in NoVA


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Hi guys, I’ve been periodically reading through the forum and finally decided to join.

I recently obtained my father’s 1995 Ford Mustang GT Convertible. It has a 5.0 v8. Its black on black, and everything is stock (by everything, I mean the first thing I did was replace the tires… not because of low tread, but because they were 15 years old!). I have been slowly doing a minor maintenance overhaul on the car, as it has basically sat for several years (fluid flushes, and filter replacements etc.). She only has 26k on the clock. It’s been garage kept, and will continue to be.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p>

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The reason I joined is because while the car is clean, the engine is running great, the paint minor blemishes. Some swirl marks here and there, and some slight scratches. As I’ve learned from this forum and Adam’s videos- they are probably from previous washings. I am no too worried about those, as wax does a good job of covering them up, so I know these polishes will.

I am however worried about this (looks like clear coat bubbles, but I want it gone):

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Its nice that you have your dad's car and that it was garage kept for many years. :2thumbs:


Thanks' date=' its always been garage kept, which is my concern over whatever that bubbling is.


I need to clean up under the hood some, but thats where the work is taking place so there isnt much point right now. As I said, its bone stock, and that is the way it'll remain... maybe



Since the car sat for so long I have taken some precautions:


[*]New tires (that was a must)

[*]Trans flush - actually performed twice due to torque converter chatter. My thought was all the trans fluid sunk to the bottom from gravity and lack of use/ circulation. Two flushes were performed in an attempt to get all the old fluid out and completely replaced with new. Converter chatter was gone by the time the car was backed out of the driveway

[*]Engine power flush - very slight tick IMO was from a valve (though could have been trans related due to the above issue). Also, it had been over a year (though only 50 miles) since the last oil change. This fluch was more than likely not necessary. Either way, the engine flush was performed and the tick was no more.

[*]Oil change - no brainer here, though blended synth was used

[*]Seafoam treatment - poured and sprayed in intake manifold, gas, and brake booster. Will add to crankcase just before oil change. I love this stuff

Winter is almost here and the car will spend many months in the garage. Though it will not be neglected. I plan to perform more work over the "break from good weather"

  • Minor tune up replacing spark plugs, wire, ditributer cap and rotor
  • Engine Intake flush - probably not needed, but again because the car sat I am leaning toward the side of caution in order to prevent any build up. Seafoam also helps with this
  • Probably replace some more minor things that probably dont need it yet: drive belt, fuel filter, PCV valve etc
  • Of course start an Adam's polishes regiment in order to bring out the black gloss even more. I really want that small section of bubbling gone. So any advice there would be greateful.

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