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Being a newer guy around here I have been reading so much and learning that I am fairly sure I detail in my dreams as well haha. Well I was so happy with my latest transaction with Adams it was a no brainer that I had to share it with anyone. I have been through a few corrections lately with family members cars and noticed that the backing on the pads was pulling away from the rest of the pads,(which I believe was my fault after researching). After a few short messages with dylan we decided on replacing them under Adams 110% guarantee. I got on the phone the very next day after classes and contacted Ashley, she took my info fast and kindly and got me a invoice sent to my account. And not even an hour later I received info that my order was already shipping out! I was nothing less than amazed and pleased at Adams customer service. Adams customer service FTW! this is just another reason that I feel great supporting your products and using them on my baby! thanks for reading :2thumbs:!

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