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Windshield/Glass and SSR...



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Hi, If I use the green pad and the SSR with my porter cable to clean hard water spot, do I need to finish with white pad and FMP or I can finishing the job with Glass cleaner only?




If it takes care of the water spots you don't have to use anyting else....the products won't touch the glass. Just use glass cleaner.

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But if I use SSR on my windshield to try to shine or correct a very litle imperfection, does I need to use FMP after?


No, why would you? I don't use dedicated paint products on my glass, I use a glass polish. You can get micro scratches in you glass with improper pads or polish, so I just play it safe. Maybe someone who has used a paint polish on glass can chime in.

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Actually Adam's polishes are not strong enough to remove any amount of your glass. Really, the only thing they can do is what you are asking, and that is remove hard water spots from the glass. As for your question, you must understand the basics of the polishes and how they work. Polishes scrape against your paint to pull nearly immeasurable levels of clear coat off, and in the process, leave tiny microscratches. The more agressive the polish, the more noticable the scratches are. That is why you go through the steps (SSR>SHR>FMP), to reduce micromarring from the polishes. Now, it seems to me that because even SSR can't remove layers of glass, the polishes cannot cause micromarring in the glass. That being said, it would seem that stepping down after using SSR won't really do anything. However, generally SSR isn't used in polishing away hard water spots, so I would try SHR if I were you. Make sure to claybar the glass and try the white vinegar trick before you waste polish though.



Use SHR, try claying and white vinegar first, and don't bother stepping down with SHR.

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