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correction on black Tahoe



Just wanted to share some results from the correction I did on my Tahoe. This was my first time using the PC and any Adam's products for that matter. I did all three steps SSHR, SHR, and FMP on all the panels and achieved awesome results. Its not show car perfect but for the wife's DD, its ok! Everyone is right, using the PC is so easy there's no way you can screw it up. My pics aren't that good but this is to show the difference the untouched passenger door on the left side versus the finished passenger front fender on the right.




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Thanks everyone! I appreciate the comments. Yes whoever had this truck before us must have been an automatic car wash type person or they used a push broom to clean it. It was terrible! Washing both of our black trucks now consists of three bucket wash with grit guards (one bucket is just for wheels/tires), blow dry, detail spray as aid, and towel try with GWDT. Wish I could have gotten some better pics of the Tahoe but it was dark when I was done and I was tired lol.

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