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I can't sleep.....


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So it's almost 2am EST and I am wide awake.

Nevermind the fact that I got 2 hours of sleep last night.

Nevermind the fact that I was ready to pass out at 5pm.


Ohhhh no, I am still up and I am not sure I will be going to sleep.

So I have seriously cleaned the entire kitchen. I mean I swept and mopped the floor. Rearranged the cabinets. Bleached the counter tops (kool-aid stains) and have been trying to sleep for the past 2 hours.



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I wish my job was something that could be done at nights.

Unfortunately attorneys, doctors, health insurance carriers would not be reachable at those hours..


I worked until 6pm tonight. so 11.5 hours....on less than what 2 hours of sleep.

I'm house sitting right now and that includes my friend's bull dog, Bam Bam. I have some amazing pics to download when I get home...but they have been playing for 2 hours straight....and I am waiting for them to pass out so I can pass out.



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Jeopardy theme song playing in my head. When will brandi go to sleep????


Uhh this is rough. I'm dog sitting a bulldog. He snores so loud!!!! LMAO.


I don't have a cool cell signature.....I just use tapatalk


I,ll take things that make you sleep for $500 Alex.:D

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