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tried out some metal polish!


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so it was a nice day out so i gave the truck a wash that it really needed. so full wash, wiped with the big waffle towel and DS, SVRT on the tires, cleaned the windows with glass cleaner, and got to the tailpipes. beginning of august i did use a focus pad on a drill with some FMP, BG, and americana but when i clean them i usually use APC and DS when i wash.


so heres what i did:


-APC on tips

-wash tips

-metal polish with the MF applicator

-wiped with a utility towel

-metal polish #2 with the MF applicator

-wiped with utility towel

-wiped down with utility towel and DS

-added a coat of BW since all the good stuff is home in my dads arsenal.







After MP 1 and 2:



After wiped with DS and a coat of BW:







heres a picture of my tinted tails i noticed a big scratch from something and i was thinking just the focus pads on a drill and the whole 3 step process of SSR/SHR/FMP.




just a couple pics i took....you like my towel and applicator drying rack?:lol:





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well for the BG you actually used BW and it should be B.G. as far as the DS I'm not sure why it didn't switch it to detail spray, mine didn't either though. maybe we are both getting the acronym wrong.


And now that I look at my post it seems like it isn't working for some reason. Hmm.. Truck looks good either way!

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thanks man



so i get outta college to walk back to my truck to find a nice scuff on my moldings. im glad i kept them on but im furious! i think im gona start taking pictures of the license plate of each vehicle thats parked next to me lol.




but on the metal polish side, the applicator was quite black when i was done on both sides(flipped it to use a clean side from MP 1 to MP 2). i usually just spray some APC on the pads and rub my fingers through it but it is still kinda dirty. anyone ever use a toothbrush on a APC soaked pad thats got grime in it?

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