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Wheel Cleaning Write Up feat. ACE Turbo Stick

Odds and Ends

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Or the Alternative thread title...."Why Seal and Wax Your Wheels?"


The purpose of this thread is two fold:


1. - To illustrate the effectiveness of the Turbo Stick

2. - To see the effect of sealing and waxing your wheels.


No special techniques were used, but a little background on these wheels. These are my summer wheels...stock 19" rims but with a two tone finish only available on the special "Titanium Edition" version of the 2006 Cayenne. They get nasty in a short amount of time as Porsche has some of the dustiest OEM pads around. I wash the outward face at least once a week. These wheels were just fitted with brand new Toyo Proxes STII and while they were off the vehicle, got a thorough cleaning inside and out prior to remounting. They were then sealed with MSS all over including the barrels. What good does that do? It's a great way to make your wheels come clean much easier and with the help of the Turbo Stick, you can achieve about 98% effectiveness without having to remove the wheels.


- Darryl

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Doesn't the GWC strip the MSS? Just curious. I've found that most just use a Car Shampoo after sealing the rims. Do you know what the PH of the GWC is?


The wheels look great BTW, nice job. I found the lug brush is my favorite brush on the outer edge of the wheels.

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