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Lotus Ethos to America


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Read this and though it was worth sharing, I was never a fan of the smart car, but now with the fiat coming into production it looks like Lotus wants its share of the market too. But i think with a 45k price tag they arent gunna do too much business, id pick up a 500 before that and I think many other people would as well. Personally preference in the end but I kinda like the look of the front of the ethos.


2013 Lotus Ethos Review, Specs, & Pictures


*Edit* forgot, notice the glass roof and the center exhaust ;)


Looks pretty mean for a itty-bitty car though!


*mods pleas move to lounge, thought i put it there, my bad*

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anybody here ever driven or owned one of these smart cars? do you know what the original reason for their being in england is? 45k bucks???? you must be kidding.... i guess the price of showing you're green is pretty high these days. after taking one on a short trip once i can tell you i wouldn't volunteer to do it again. one nifty thing about them is just how absolutely HUGE the trucks that go around you look and what the wind feels like coming off them as they go by. and then how much you appreciate not being hit by one... :bow: i wouldn't want to let my young kid drive around in one often



but they are easy to park in london where i used it...


45K bucks....?????? not sure which smiley to use. these three come to mind.... i'm in sticker shock.





i believe the new fiat 500 is about 16k. you can buy a new mercedes c300 for less than 45k and a slightly used one for in the 30's. but maybe the same people who pay miracle detail 15k to detail their bentley will like this one for 45... had a friend in california that had a GM EV1 and i actually thought it was pretty neat. i thought they should have hung onto that idea. will be interesting to see if their volt is better. most people that had the EV1 liked them from what i remember.

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